One Idiots Opinion #6

Where I basically check out some of this weeks comic and nerd related news and give my totally uninformed opinion all nice and ready for the rest of the online world to tear to pieces.

So this week….

The New Doctor Who images
Well I wouldnt be much of an online nerd if I didnt weigh in with my opinions on Dr Who before it actually aired. So on the images of the new Tardis interiors… Im not convinced. Looking at these pics I kind of expect Andy Peters, or some other equally “chirpy to the point of f***ing dementia” idiot, to run on and shout “ITS SATURDAY MORNING, AND NOW, SPONGEBOB AND WESTLIFE!!”. I’ve always been of the mind that Who should be primarily for kids but this seems a little bit too CBeebies. That said of course these are just promo pics and dont mean much. Its all about how the sets are lit and shot for the actual show. And hell, with the new assistant who is going to be looking at the backgrounds anyway?

Action Comics #1 sells for 1.5 million
News like this makes me happy. When I look at my groaning graphic novel shelves or the 20+ toy batmobiles I have, its good to know there are sadder bastards out there than me. I mean, 1.5 million for a comic?
Just checked ebay – you can get perfect condition reprints from 1988 for £18. Hell, you can find a free pdf online in about 15 seconds. For 1.5 million you could probably get your twenty favourite professional artists to each draw you a full, unique, copy of the thing. Dita von Teese would come to your house and act out the Lois Lane bits in her underwear!! Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher would reunite! Brian Singer would come and spoil it IN PERSON!
All that money for a comic you’d be scared to actually read just seems dumb.
Ah, screw it. I just hope whoever bought it is a Superman fan and not someone just putting it in a safe. Better some super rich fanboy reading it sat on the toilet.

The Scott Pilgrim Trailer hits
And DAMN it looks good. Ever since the wife bought me the Spaced box set and said “you NEED to see these” I’ve thought Edgar Wright would make a rocking comic book movie and this trailer totally backs that up. I’m fairly new to the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels but have really enjoyed the first three volumes and was surprised how much of the crazy kinetic energy the movie seems to have captured. Really think this movie will blow Mr Wright through the roof and cant wait to see which big budget superhero movie he scores off the back of this. He’s about the only person who could make a Deadpool movie I’d get excited about.

And if anyone wants more info on the Scott Pilgrim books, I did a write up over here >

Resident Evil 4 stills hit the net
Just saw these over on Empire’s website and gotta admit I’m kinda excited. The Resident Evil movies have always been a bit of a guilty pleasure with me so the prospect of getting a 4th installment in 3D makes my inner dopey teenager happy. Looks like they’ve included the executioner from the brilliant, if not overly scary, Resident Evil 5 game as well. Can’t see them going near the story line of Resident Evil 5 as they got enough heat from that when the game came out… though how having the zombies/infected black can be seen as racist when the game is set in Africa kinda lost me a bit. Anyway, glad these love letters to my days of renting straight to video horror junk in the late 80’s are still getting made.

And gratuitous pic to end has to be the new Doctors Assistant. First one I’ve liked since a 7 year old me felt a bit funny about the girl in the cavewoman bikini.

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