One Idiots Opinion #7

Where I basically check out some of this weeks comic and nerd related news and give my totally uninformed opinion all nice and ready for the rest of the online world to tear to pieces.

So this week….

Lets get Dr Who out of the way…
It rocked. Seen it twice now and was totally blown away. Poor David Tennant must be GUTTED as we’ve had a year of “Nobody can ever fill his converse” and one episode in everybody is “David who???”.
Hoping the rest of the series can live up to this cracking opener. It was funny without being parody, had enough action and kiddie scares to feel like proper Dr Who and the new boy totally owned the part from the get go. And of course there was the new assistant whose name I’m planning to write on a pencil case with different coloured felt pens at some point. Hats off to everyone concerned, cant wait for next Saturday.

Anton Yelchin cast for Fright Night?
This is all well and good, I mean he was brilliant both in Star Trek and Terminator Salvation, but the big question if you are a proper 80s horror nerd isnt who will play Charlie Brewster… its who will play Evil Ed! Loved that character as a kid and even watched the so-so 976-EVIL directed by Robert Englund because Stephen Geoffreys (Ed) was in it. Didnt watch any of his movies after that though as while I’m sure gay porn is all well and good its doesnt really hold any interest for me personally. No, honest… after horror films and a Tony Award nominated stage run, he went into porn. Whatever works for you I suppose.
One other thing though. Who will play the role of Peter Vincent the movie vampire hunter as played by Roddy McDowell? Well if I was calling it there would only be one choice. Anthony Steward Head playing himself with Anton’s Charlie being a big Buffy fan.

I know. Im a genius.

The guy off Teachers is the guy off Walking Dead!
Meh. Yeah, I know its sacrlege to say anything other than “ITS AWESOME” about Walking Dead, but I read the first trade and was worlds of underwhelmed. Hell, all the trades are in my house as the wife loves them and I’ve still not bothered to pick up volume 2. Just found it dull to be honest.
I’m glad for all you Walking Dead fans though who are getting a tv show. Personally I’ll wait till someone decides to film the much more fun and scary “Crossed”. Its all about personal taste though. Walking Dead is Star Trek the Motion Picture. Crossed is Wrath of Kahn.

Megan Fox to play Red Sonja?
Well thats what the guys over at are saying. This would all hinge on how well the Conan movie does but it seems that while Robert Rodriguez is still onboard to produce, Rose McGowan has been bumped for the younger Fox. If this is the case I’m sure they’ll make more in poster sales than box office but what the hell. Ms Fox as a redhead warrior woman in a chainmail bikini does guarantee at least healthy dvd sales even if the average teenage Fox fan doesnt feel able to fully “enjoy” the movie in a public cinema. Still though, after seeing the teaser posters of McGowan that floated around last year, I’m kinda upset we dont get to see her version as Planet Terror proved she was a cool action heroine…. and a worthy nomination for this weeks gratuitous pic


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