One Idiots Opinion #8

Where I basically check out some of this weeks comic and nerd related news and give my totally uninformed opinion all nice and ready for the rest of the online MSN world to tear to pieces.

So this week….

Paul Cornell gets Action Comics
Yup, Mr Cornell announced on his Twitter that he is the new writer on DC’s Action Comics. Now I’ll be honest I went a bit hot and cold with his Captain Britain run. Absolutely loved the first arc but went off it a bit once Blade was introduced and it had a bit of a reverse Buffy/Angel romance but he is an excellent story teller and most important.. he is one of us!! Read any interview with him and his love and passion for the medium really shines through. He’s a fanboy done good, hell, he started off writing Doctor Who fan fiction, and as such seeing him rise up the ranks and now getting to write Superman for DC feels a bit like watching a nerdy version of the Rocky movies. But you know, if Rocky was played by a young Richard Briers.
I’m still pissed that Marvel didnt get him in to voice Captain Britain on the Superhero Squad cartoons though.

Might Doctor Who FINALLY travel a bit?
So I was watching the two Doctor Who confidentials this week and was heartened to hear Stephen Moffat make a reference that quite possibly they might not feel the need to set DAMN NEAR EVERY FRIGGING DOCTOR WHO STORY IN LONDON.
Now I’m Welsh but I’m not saying they should set them here, even if every time you do see London its actually Cardiff with crappy tube signs stuck on everything. But I am saying that it would be nice to mix it up a bit. All you need to do is say “We’ve arrived in…” at the start and you can pretend you are anywhere. I think it would be cool for a 7 year old Dr Who fan in Southampton, for example, to see the Doctor have an adventure where he lives for a change. Yeah, it was fun to see Bernard Cribbins at his newspaper stall every Xmas, but come on! If the budget wont let you visit alien worlds every week at least let it stretch further than the M25. Fingers crossed.

Star Wars to get a blu-ray release
I bought these on video. I bought them again when the special edition videos came out. I bought them AGAIN when the dvd box set was released. IM NOT PAYING FOR THE SAME THING AGAIN LUCAS, YOU HEAR ME? I dont care how high def Carrie Fishers cleavage gets in the slave girl outfit, you ain’t having any more money off me for the same films. You hear me? NEVER.
Eh? You’re re-releasing the original trilogy in the cinema again with 3D? Cool, Im there!

Batman : Under the Hood trailer
Check it out on the link below :
Video: Exclusive: ‘Batman: Under the Red Hood’ trailer
I know there have been mixed reactions to these straight to dvd movies from Marvel and DC but I’ve pretty much enjoyed all of them. Only one I didn’t love was probably the Wonder Woman one to be honest. This looks very cool though, especially knowing the storyline its based on. Looking forward to it and will be interested to see if they show the murder associated with the Red Hood’s origin.

And gratuitous pic… I’ll fight the urge to post Karen Gillan again and instead go the Star Wars route. See? Much better outfit than that vacant looking idiot from Friends made it look

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