One Idiots Opinion #9

Where I basically check out some of this weeks comic and nerd related news and give my totally uninformed opinion all nice and ready for the rest of the online world to tear to pieces.

So this week….

Ghost Rider 2 goes into pre-production!
Now I know this film got a lot of stick, but I kinda liked it. Yeah, it was no Iron Man but I dont think it was ever trying to be. This seemed to revel in its B movie status, something that really comes across in the dvd extras, and as a bit of mindless fun it did what it said on the tin.
And c’mon, if you didnt smile at the shot of the two Ghost Riders tearing through the desert you have something wrong with you.

Anyway, despite what people thought it still made over 270 million so we’re gonna be getting a sequel. The original director is off and Nic Cage is doubtful (and lets be fair, a little too old) so I’m hoping they go all out 18 certificate and make a full on action horror in the mould of the first Blade. Dont worry about selling action figures to kids. Aim for the Fangoria readers.
Despite hoping for a total re-boot, sn Eva Mendes cameo would be good though, even if she just walks across the screen in slo-mo a few times.

New trailer for “Avatar – The Last Airbender” hits

Last year a mate of mine recommended I watch the Avatar cartoon (nothing to do with the James Cameron movie) so I gave it a go. Within 3 episodes I was hooked, and within a month or so I’d watched all 61. Had a really good story and despite being made in the US it had the feel of well done anime. Was far too good for the kids it was aimed at.
Checking out this trailer it looks like they might have nailed the live action version as well, though I’m still a little skeptical about the choice of director. I’m hoping for good things. Also a bit skeptical about the fact this is due to have 3D tagged on, but being so SFX heavy I’m sure it’ll fit.

And talking Avatar – the dvd gets released
WITH ZERO EXTRAS! This is a trend thats really starting to piss me off. I’m a movie nerd, I was one of those guys who bought dvd’s the day they got released but after three or four times getting stung by crappy original releases that get followed six months later by the real ones I’ve had enough. The only reason I originally bought a dvd player was so I could listen to directors commentaries…. go do Ridley Scott’s one on Alien btw, all kinds of cool.
Had they released a 2 disk version today I would have bought one. As it is, when the 2 disker does come out at Xmas any buzz I had about the movie will have worn off so instead of paying £20 when it comes out I’ll probably eventually pick it up when it drops down to the bargain shelf.
In these days where most people can download avi copies of films without too much hassle you’d think they would go out of their way to make the dvd an essential purchase, not go the other way.

Doctor Who backlash?

After early days of everyone being impressed it seems the usual suspects have started to come out of the woodwork to pick holes at Doctor Who and make a huge fuss about every perceived plot hole they smugly find. I’m not going to use the “Its a kids show” argument, though IT IS, but I would say there is one factor in the decision making that the Dr Who guys seem to use and always should. And that is if they have two story options and one makes perfect sense but the other is cool or fun, they should ALWAYS go the cool and fun route.

For example – the number of comments I read after the World War 2 Daleks episode about spitfires in space seriously got on my nerves. I mean, yeah… I KNOW spitfires couldnt really fly in space, but who cares? IT WAS COOL! Ten year old kids all over the country got that little bit more interested in history, even if it was through a silly story. Surely thats the point. If you want science fact go watch Open University, this is science FICTION. I’m sure these are the same people who give the “Actually you wouldnt HEAR the lasers in space” when watching Star Wars. SHUT UP! Its people like you that give us nerds a bad name.

And this weeks eye candy? Well as I was talking Ghost Rider…..

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  1. Red Five /

    Agreed, I too liked Ghost Rider, liked the fact it didn’t appear as a fully-blown ‘had a shitton of cash thrown at it’ film, and instead came off as grittier, and Nic Cage as Johnny Blaze I loved…being that Nic Cage is in fact ‘the Man’.

    However, I did say from the start that the regeneration of this Doctor was dire, did I not?! It IS a family show, granted, but does have a lot more adult tones to it than, say, the Sarah Jane Adventures and being that a lot of the adults watching were themselves childhood fans, they will know more than some of the writers and actors involved care to admit to, and do not like when history is rewritten to alter a well-loved chacter, meaning that he is turned into a pan-faced fop.

    All I am saying is don’t fuck with what works. You start playing around with ideas outside the (what is actually a pretty big) realm on the show, and you are going to piss a lot of people off, hence nit-pickers, like me.

    One Other Idiots Opinion.

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