Peckerwood 24 Minutes – Comic Review (Audio)

Who’s it by ? Rob Dunlop and Peter Lumby

What’s it About ?

Agent Jack Ass has just 24 minutes to abduct a hitman, raid a candy factory, save a panda, fly to Europe, have his hair done and prevent World War 3. Yup, he’s gonna need some help. Tozzer, Rod and Hornie are desperate for work, so when Jack offers them the acting gig of a lifetime, they jump at the chance. But how can they survive, when they’re up against The Englishman, Peckerwood’s most notorious criminal mastermind? His minions include a cold-blooded celebrity assassin, a terrifying vending machine salesman and a pair of homicidal Mexican dwarves. The fate of the planet hangs in the balance, and the clock is ticking… Or at least it would be ticking, if it wasn’t digital.

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  1. I picked this up at Birmingham, together with the other two Tozzer books. Main reason was Barry’s prompting and also the fact that I loved the stylized art on the Zeroes site. Also the creators were really nice guys!

    Hoping to get through this and the others this weekend – your review has urged me into whacking them to the top of the pile!

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