Peter Panzerfaust and Rat Queens to Become Animated



It’s a one-two punch by Kurtis Wiebe! Both Rat Queens and Peter Panzerfaust, written by the Image Comics author. Pukeko Pictures is pairing up with Heavy Metal to adapt the Image Comics title Rat Queens into a half-hour animated TV series. Pukeko Pictures is a division of Weta Workshop, the famed special effects house. Heavy Metal is a magazine that’s been around for many a decade. Heavy Metal specializes in fantasy and science fiction, with beautiful characters typically gracing its covers. What better company to back this dark comedy, surrounding four beer-guzzling slayers-for-hire? The quartet include a hipster dwarven fighter, a rockabilly elven mage, a hippy thief, and an atheist human cleric.

Rat Queens #1

Can you even recall a comic book adaptation starring an all female cast? Japanese comics have had tons of them, but I scratch my head about American adaptations. I’ve seen my fair share of cartoons with female leads, but they were animation first, licensed comics later. It’s a great change of pace to have an animated series that is “girl stuff” – in the best possible sense of the phrase.


Peter Panzerfaust


Weibe’s second comic series, Peter Panzerfaust takes Peter Pan and drops him in the second World War. Peter is an American soldier who befriends a host of French orphans. In their travels, they meet characters we are familiar with from the Pan tales. Peter Panzerfaust has been adapted before, as a motion comic, but never a full-fledged TV show. Life on Mars creators Matthew Graham and Ashley Pharaoh writing  the pilot. It is being adapted by BBC Worldwide, and Heavy Metal are also there to produce it.


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Source: Variety

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