PRESS RELEASE: Malta Comic Con Announces 2014 Guests

If you’ve never heard of Wicked Comics, or the Malta Comic Con it can mean one of only two things: (a) You’re like most people on the planet or (b) well, okay so there is no (b). But that shouldn’t stop you from reading on.

Back in 2005 on the small Island nation of Malta, located in the balmy Mediterranean, a group of volunteers decided to get together and make a scene, a comic scene that is, one where they would promote the culture of comics on the tiny archipelago.

Flash-forward nine years later and for the past five years (confused yet? Good) these volunteers have been organizing what they like to call the Malta Comic Con.

With previous guests including the likes of Sean Phillips (yeah, THAT guy), Dave Gibbons (him too) and Mike Carey (anyone?), the Con has attracted some heavy-hitters in the industry.

This year’s starting line-up includes the following:

Yishan Li

Yishan Li: Yishan Li is a professional UK/Chinese manga artist currently living in Scotland. Her work has been published in China, France, the UK and the USA. Her resume includes L’ Accro du Shopping a French graphic novel adaptation of Sophie Kinsella’s famous novel Confessions of a Shopaholic which was also adapted in a movie starring Isla Fisher, Cutie B, Les Contesse du Boudoir Hate’ (which is based on traditional Chinese ghost story book: Liaozhai Zhiyi), The Clique; an adaptation of the #1 the New York Times best selling series of the same name, and Will Supervillians be on the Final. She is currently working on a new graphic novel titled Girl 1 and a new as yet untitled story based on the life of Princess Diana.


Rufus DaygloRufus Dayglo: Rufus Dayglo is a Northern Irish professional comic artist based in London and is best known for re-launching Tank Girl back into the world. Before moving into comic art, Rufus worked in the animation industry on feature films, storyboarding and various commercials and was also one of team working on pop promos for the popular band Gorillaz. He has worked for a number of comic book publishers including Image Comics, IDW, 2000 AD, Ankama Editions, Titan books, and DC Vertigo books and on popular titles and characters such as Judge Dredd, Future Shocks, Snaked and Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty the graphic novel spin off of the popular video game. He is currently launching his own series, Solid Gold Death Mask in partnership with Ashley Wood’s 3A Company, as well as working on an upcoming split comic with Ashley for IDW Comics


Andrew WildmanAndrew Wildman: British creator Andrew Wildman has been an illustrator for Comics, Games and TV for 30 years. He has worked on a number of popular titles including Thundercats, The Real Ghostbusters, Power Rangers, G.I. Joe, the X-Men, Spider-man and Venom but is perhaps best known for his long association with Transformers. TV works includes, character designer for the animated TV show Legend of The Dragon, production designer for the children’s animated TV show The Matt Hatter Chronicles and storyboard artist for the BBC on The Fades, The Interceptor and Doctor Who. He is also currently working for a number of new TV shows including an animated one with Transformers writer Simon Furman. Wildman is also the author and illustrator of a new graphic novel Horizon which has been described by BBC Arts Editor, Will Gompertz as “An intriguing book that tells a great story in four wonderful dimensions: words, pictures, speech and space”.

And with a bevy of backers (Heritage Malta, British Council, League of Cosplay), this little group of volunteers, who puts out their own small online web-strips have managed to host a convention one could argue as rivaling anything going on in the States, the U.K. or elsewhere, albeit with much better weather.

Taking place from Saturday, November 29th to Sunday November 30th, at the historic St. James Cavalier, built way back in the 16th century (with plenty of renovations) the Convention is kicking off its sixth year in a row. With ticket prices under 20 Euros for both days, the entry fee is cheap, but getting there may be a problem. Not to worry though as the organizers have put together accommodation packages for fans and creators alike (airfare not included), mentioned below.

Packages info:

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Source: Wicked Comics

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