Primeval Series 4 Preview

Well check out this preview of series 4 of Primeval. There’s no dialogue (aside from the intro by Andrew Lee Potts aka Connor)  just a load of clips from the upcoming series.

I became a fan of the show largely because of Douglas Henshall ( Professor Cutter), Stephen Hart (James Murray) and Lucy Brown (Claudia Brown) all of whom have now left the show.

I’m happy for the production team that they were able to pull of the impossible feat of getting the show back on air after it’s cancellation but still reserving judgement until I see episode 1.

GS Reporter: Nuge


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  1. Pottsfanatic /

    Just to let you know…it’s Henshall…not Henshaw. Lucy Brown will be returning to the show as Jenny Lewis. Jason Flemyng(Danny) whom you failed to mention will also be returning but will only be in for a few episodes though. Also returning is Ben Miller (Lester).

    • geeksyndicate /

      Cheers for the correction. I didn’t mention Flemyng because he was ok but to be honest I could take or leave his character so not really fussed if he came back into it or not. I didn’t realize Lucy Brown was back though that’s good news.

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