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Most games provide their own, often binary forms of justice. You often either forgive, or kill, the bad elements that litter our favorite virtual worlds. Introversion Software’s Prison Architect provided something different when it first emerged a few years ago, the chance at reforming the criminal elements that entered its cells. Now, it’s available on Google Play and the Apple App Store in an initially free to download form. I say initially, as various elements of the game are acquired by in-game purchases, allowing you to buy the elements that most appeal to you. It appears that you can buy the full game for £14.99.

If you aren’t familiar with Prison Architect, it’s a simulation / management game in which you must design and run a prison, keeping all of the intricacies that that might entail in mind. You need the correctly trained staff, enough cells for the inmates, security systems, power and adequate plumbing, to name only a few. You’ll also need to keep an eye on that all important bank balance, as everything comes with a cost. The game has a pleasing comic style that allows the player to see what is happening with a minimum of messing around. It also means you are less likely to miss the blood-sprayed scene when someone gets shanked in the showers… if that’s your thing.

I spent a lot of time with Prison Architect on PC and it’s still a game that I return to quite regularly. On a personal level, the mobile version looks to be well worth checking out. I must admit that £14.99 felt a bit steep when I read that, but if the full game includes everything contained within the full PC release, runs well and feels nice to play via a touch screen, on reflection, I think it probably is about the right price for the amount of game you are getting.

Head to the app store of your choice to find out more.

Source: Paradox Plaza
GS Blogger: Casey Douglass

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