PS3 goes 3D on June 10

Sony will kick off 3D gaming on home consoles when PS3 goes 3D on June 10, Sony Japan has confirmed.

On that day Sony will release patches to update the first games on the console to run in full 3D, coinciding with the release of its new 3D Bravia TV sets. Which we want more than life itself.

The first games to go 3D are PSN titles WipEout HD, Super Stardust HD (aka Star Strike HD in Japan) and Pain (aka Mr. Pain). Owners of WipEout HD and Super Stardust will receive the 3D patches for free, which is nice.

Sony Japan has also detailed plans for a Bravia promotional campaign which awards these three games and a 3D demo for Motorstorm 2 for free to anyone who buys a Bravia 3DTV set.

Sony also confirmed that PS3 will require a separate firmware update to support new 3D Blu-ray discs. Sony says that the new firmware update will be released ‘by the end of the year’. The first 3D Blu-ray films are expected to arrive this summer.

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