PS4 Launch Trailer For Blacklight: Retribution

Blacklight Retribution PS4
With the PS4 due for release this Friday in America, we are treated to a new trailer for the free-to-play launch title Blacklight: Retribution.

Developer Zombie Studios have released a new trailer for their upcoming PS4 free-to-play launch title Blacklight: Retribution


Check it out:


I was lucky enough to play Blacklight: Retribution at Eurogamer this year on the PS4 and have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it. The graphics looked amazing and the gameplay was very smooth (much as you’d expect from a game that has been tried and tested on PC’s since 2012), however be prepared to die very quickly.

There are a number of free-to-play games confirmed already for the American launch day (Blacklight Retribution, DC Universe Online, War Thunder (also looked amazing at Eurogamer), and Warframe) and more confirmed to come in the near future.
So even if you are just getting the console you won’t have a lack of games to play, plus they won’t cost you anything

Source: Machinima / Wikipedia
Reporter: JMS1701

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