January US Sales of PS4 Nearly Double Xbox One

Retail sales numbers from the NPD in January showed that the PlayStation 4 outsold the Xbox One by nearly double. Actual sales numbers were not given but its an impressive showing by the new console which continue to lead the Xbox One in global sales. Xbox one sales though trailing the PS4 are still strong and are higher than the Xbox 360 at this stage of its launch. In December things were better for Microsoft as the Xbox One was the top selling consoles in the US, selling 908,000 systems.

The top 10 Software sales for January also showed PS4 versions of multi platform games outsold the Xbox One-based versions, except for Call of Duty: Ghosts and Lego Marvel.

February will see Sony’s PS4 global sales increase substantially as the console goes on sale in its home country of Japan, while the Xbox One is expected to see a spike in sales in March with the release of the highly anticipated game Titanfall.


Source: MCV

Reporter: Soulfinger

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