Puzzle & Dragons becomes first mobile game to gross $1 billion in revenue

Japanese developer GungHo Online’s free to play iOS and Android game Puzzle & Dragons has becomes first mobile game to gross $1 billion in revenue. The milestone was revealed after the developer announced its 2013 financial results that show that of is $1.5 billion in revenue, $1 billion was accredited to the game Puzzle & Dragons making it the first mobile game to achieve this ahead of huge titles such as Plant vs Zombies, Candy Crush Saga and the individual Angry birds games.

The achievement is event more amazing  when you take into account the game is free to play. All revenue has been achieved through in game micro-transactions and also the majority of sales have come from Asia and America alone.

Puzzle & Dragons combines the key elements of a puzzle game, a dungeon crawling RPG and a monster collecting adventure!

Players will command a team of monsters as they explore countless dungeons, collect treasure and battle a variety of powerful foes along the way. Slide colorful orbs across the screen until 3 or more are adjacent to attack foes. Strategize team building and make full use of the opponents’ elemental weaknesses to deal massive amounts of damage. If players manage to survive through the epic boss fights, the spoils of victory await!

With approximately 400 monsters to collect, players can build the perfect team to conquer any dungeon. Swap ID codes with friends and recruit each other’s monsters by taking advantage of the “helper” team member slot. Players can also use the friend search feature to seek out more powerful allies.



Source: What Mobile

Reporter: Soulfinger

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