Quantum of Solace music video hits the net!

So here it is the debut of the music video for the Quantum of Solace. I stupidly thought as I started to watch it ‘the song might be a mess but at least I’ll get to see some cool clips from the movie’. How wrong was I…not one clip, not one!. Seriously, if I want to watch pop stars trying be cool and Bond like I’ll watch MTV.

They’ve obviously never seen  Bond theme rule no 1 for the music video ‘must have clips from new Bond movie’.  If I hadn’t already heard this track I could have easily (apart from the gun barrel at the beginning and 2 seconds of Craig at the end)  thought this was just another cheesy pop video (which it was in the end).

For shame.

Time to cleanse my palette with this.

Ah much better.

GS Reporter: The Nuge

Source: Youtube

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