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OK the fact I’m giving comic creator Rachael Smith’s Patreon campaign a mention on the GS website has nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that she terrifies me..nope not at all. I mean what is there to be scared of ? I’m mean Rachael is lovely right?  Wrong! Anyone who brings out a graphic novel called The Rabbit, which features one of the scariest Rabbits since Watership Down (and you know the one I mean in that film) should be feared. In fact the Rabbit is so scary looking I’m not even going to put a picture of it up here..nope, nada.

So as I type this post, living in fear of rabbit reprisals (this is my life now), I will say that Rachael is a great creator with cracking titles like House Party, Artificial Flowers under her belt. She also  adds a large dalek sized dollop of  humour to the Doctor Who:Tenth Doctor comic series from Titan Comics.

Rachael is currently working on a webcomic called Bess, which is set in a supermarket in Hull and deals with the themes of feminism, beauty and mythological Japanese Monsters.

tumblr_ny4gpdEOKy1uxmnnko1_r1_1280If you want to see the webcomic, Rachael is asking you to support, you can check out the first 28 pages of Bess here.

As of 1st July Rachael launched her Patreon campaign to tempt her fans to support her work with some nice goodies. Her main reason for doing this is so she can continue working on Bess. The goal is to reach $300 per month (works out at about £203.96) so that Rachael will be able to continue updating Bess once a week.

Here’s some of the rewards Rachael is putting up for grabs.

1) For $3 per month: Patrons will get access to Rachael’s brand new, Patreon-exclusive diary comic which will update three times a week. Rachael will also post behind-the-scenes photos, brand new comic pages, and info about when she’s working on new projects. Patron’s will also get to see regular updates such as Ask Flimsy before anyone else does.

2) For $10 per month: Patrons will get everything in the $3 reward tier PLUS a brand new Rachael Smith-designed postcard ,with an original sketch and message on the back, sent to you in the mail every month.

3) For $50 per month: Patrons will get everything in the first two reward tiers PLUS an A3, original, signed comic page by Rachael Smith will be sent to you in the mail every month. These pages may be from a completed project, i.e. The Rabbit, Artificial Flowers, etc, or they could be from a project Rachael is currently working on, i.e. Doctor Who.

So if you are interested in supporting Rachael’s work then head over to her Patreon page and hopefully you will have just saved me from being mauled by a giant rabbit…happy days.

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