Razor Wolf Entertainment Releases The Sword and The Butterfly

Razor Wolf Entertainment has released new graphic novel The Sword and The Butterfly. From Matthias Wolf, The Sword and The Butterfly follows the story of a teenage girl who fights for the right to become ‘Keeper’ of the sword Excalibur. She must face her inner demons and attempt to return the sword to the rightful king who, as it turns out, is England’s only hope against a looming threat.

“This has been a major labor of love”, says Matthias, “206 pages long and over 2 years in the making.  With the help of Jim Jimenez, (Artist), and Gloria Caballe, (Colorist), I’ve been able to maintain the amazing quality you expect from a Razor Wolf Entertainment book.  And at $14.95, it’s also an incredible bang for the buck”.

Have a peep at the cover and a few sample pages below (click for larger image):

The Sword and the Butterfly CoverSATB Page 1SATB Page 2SATB Page 3

Source: Razorwolfentertainment.com
GS Blogger: Casey Douglass

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