Writer: Cole Haddon

Art: M S Corley

Letters: Richard Starkings & comicraft

Colors: Jim Campbell

It’s been five years since Mr. Edward Hyde went on his rampage through London, and a new madman–Jack the Ripper–is terrorizing the city’s Whitechapel district. Inspector Thomas Adye of Scotland Yard, convinced the Ripper is using the same serum that gave birth to Hyde, has reluctantly partnered with Hyde’s alter ego, the imprisoned Dr. Henry Jekyll, for help in his hunt. Written by Cole Haddon and illustrated by M. S. Corley, part 2 of Hyde sees Jekyll temporarily released from his dungeon, albeit shackled and under heavy guard. Will it make a difference?

* Thrilling mystery featuring beloved characters from classic literature!

Available May 25th 2011


In this the 2nd part of a 4 part series we see Inspector Thomas Adye chasing down leads for the Ripper without success so he decides that he needs to enlist the help of Dr Jekyll who has been locked up for many years. It is here that we get to see a Agent Starling Vs Hanibal Lecter in their verbal sparring sessions. This works well for this story and the comics medium.

We also start to see the partnership forming of Jekyll and Adye which will hopefully set the tone for the last two issues. For fans of My Hyde he does make an “appearance” and it is the best possible way.

The art is easy on the eyes and and storytelling reminds me of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen by Alan Moore.


This is a decent issue and it looks like this 4 parts series will be one worth collecting.

GS Rating 3/5

SOURCE: Dark Horse

GS Reporter: Montoya

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