Ripper Street Saved in Deal Between BBC and Amazon

I don’t usually sign online petitions but when the BBC decided to cancel Victorian crime drama Ripper Street I found myself registering my disappointment via said petition. I only wish now there was another petition to get some money together send the bright spark at the BBC some flowers and chocolates  for having the bright idea to go into partnership with Amazon to resurrect the show.

The BBC cancelled the show in December due to poor ratings, but Amazon has now commissioned a third season for its Prime Instant Video service – formerly known as Lovefilm Instant. –

Bravo BBC but an even bigger bravo goes to Amazon for recognising the potential of the show. Now I’m faced with the choice of either signing up for the Prime Instant Video service so  can pick up series 3 when it airs on the service or waiting until this comes onto the BBC a few months later. I must admit it is a nice position to be in and one I never thought would happen.

Those of you lucky souls who already have the Prime Instant Video service you will be able to check out series 1 and 2 of Ripper Street, which have now been made available. I would strongly urge you to check the show out as it’s a fantastically solid drama with some fine performances. Look out in series 2 for two of the best moustache twirling villains since Terry Thomas.

Filming on series 3 starts up in May.

With shows like Ripper Street being saved, clone wars going to Netflix along with the original shows like House of Cards it  feels like the way we get our TV fix is evolving. Makes you wish that Amazon/Lovefilm and Netflix had been around in the days of Firefly, who knows what would have happened.

Reporter: Nuge

Source: BBC

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