Robert Kirkman helps new creators with a new Image Comics imprint

Robert Kirkman has been known for being outspoken about the comics industry from time to time, and this time he’s put his money where his mouth is.  The writer of the excellent horror series Walking Dead (soon to be a TV series) and superhero series Invincible, has launched an imprint designed to recruit and showcase the next generation of comic creators.  The imprint will be named Skybound and both of Kirkman’s titles will be brought under it’s banner.

Looking back, I certainly could’ve used the help when I started,” Mr Kirkman told the New York Times today, and let’s face it , who is going to turn down a hand up.

Kirkman’s plan is to offer creators advance payments and a marketing push. If the book proves successful and attracts outside attention, he will also help navigate things like international publication rights and licensing in other media — including film, TV and toys. In return, he will get a partnership stake in all of Skybound’s properties. That investment can include percentages on any feature film, TV or merchandising deals.

Seifurt and Ketner with an unnamed friend


Skybound’s first offering will be the horror-medical drama Witch Doctor, by Brandon Seifert and Lukas Ketner; which is apparently a blend of House and Fringe. The book will take monsters from fiction and folklore and examine them through the lens of real world science which, on paper sounds like a winner and does indeed sound like it would make a great tv show. Kirkman found Seifert and ketner through the internet having seen an editorial illustration to Willamette Week, a weekly newspaper in Portland, that rendered Barack Obama as the hero of a Harlequin Romance book cover.  He then went to Ketner’sweb site and started a dialogue with them regrding Witch Doctor.

Having Kirkman’s stamp of approval and marketing acumen was critical. “We’re two unknown creators with an unknown book. There is no other option like this,”  Seifert said. Mr. Ketner agreed: “His support and his name to help get our book going and our career started really means a lot to us.”

Kirkman makes no bones about wanting to expand the imprint into other mediums but reassuringly states – “I’m not going to publish anything that would be a bad comic but would make an excellent TV show.”

Witch Doctor will be introduced Thursday at the Comic-Con convention in San Diego.

A page from issue 1 of Witch Doctor

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