Sample the Audio Wares of Ecko Rising

I do love a good audio book and I am a long time subscriber to one of the finest purveyors of audio books – Audible. Author Danie Ware clearly feels the love for Audible as she has come to us with some audio from her book Ecko Rising. Let me tell you that this isn’t any old clip but the book’s prologue, as narrated by Peter Noble!

Listen to the Ecko Rising Prologue – meet Lugan, ex-biker, team commander, and well-known to the streets of a dark and future London. But could Lugan be about to meet his match?

Danie biog – When not writing sardonic fantasy novels, Danie conjures social media and marketing for the comic book store chain Forbidden Planet. She loves her son, her bicycle and her fitness training, walks for miles, and has a collection of art toys that badly needs a new house. She also refuses to part with her re-enactment kit and weapons despite not having used them in years. One day…


Peter biog – Peter Noble was born in South Africa, in a valley lovely beyond any singing of it. Hippie musicians dragged him from an idyllic childhood, running barefoot through rich and matted grass with his dog, Bartok, to vegetarian communes from California to India, via Lisbon, London and Findhorn. He picked up a wide range of authentic local accents and character voices along the way, speaks fluent Afrikaans, but no longer claims to speak French. He cannot play an instrument, likes eating meat and telling stories.

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Source: Audible

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