Sci Fi Time Travel Project COLLIDER Gets Emmy Nomination

Multimedia time travel adventure project Collider which has been on our radar for a long time gets a well deserved Emmy nomination for their movie. 

The Collider project is a great example of using multimedia to create a full entrainment experience that includes a web series, graphic novel, apps and a movie. The team behind Collider have worked hard to cover all their bases and this Emmy nomination is a great win for them.

I loved the web series and the graphic novel because they did not cover the same ground but rather complemented each other and the app was a difficult puzzle strategy that let you explore the world of Collider even more.

If you have not watched the series yet please do so because these guys are the future of independent entertainment.

Well done guys!

COLLIDER Gets Emmy Nomination

Irish independent Film and TV company beActive received more good news today, as their movie COLLIDER has been nominated for Best Digital Program: Fiction at the 2014 International Digital Emmy® Awards. It is another coup for the Irish company that was also a nominee at this month’s International Children’s Emmys with BEAT GIRL.


COLLIDER was directed by the Republic of Telly’s Jason Butler (his first feature), was produced by Dublin duo Triona Campbell and John McDonnell and written by award-winning writer-producer Nuno Bernardo. The graphic novel of the same name is available in most comic book stores in Dublin and the full multiplatform experience includes a series of 8* 11’ Webisodes, a 4-part 22’ TV Series, two mobile Apps (iOS and Android) and a collection of 6 digital comic books all of which can be accessed from


COLLIDER is a melting pot of classic sci-fi: time travel, black holes and wormholes, strangers mysteriously thrown together across time and a discredited scientist struggling to convince the world of an imminent apocalypse. It combines traditional sci-fi themes and an action packed story with elements of drama and romance. The action takes place in 2018, the year the planet has just collapsed and the human species will be wiped out due to a succession of natural disasters and the emergence of a mutant race called the Unknown. The story focuses on a young scientist Peter Ansay, who sabotages CERN laboratories’ Large Hadron Collider when his credibility is wrongfully destroyed.


COLLIDER was shot in an old boutique hotel in the outskirts of Dublin City and at the Ballymore Eustace Water Treatment Works in Kildare, which was used to recreate the CERN complex. It features Iain Robertson (Plunkett & Macleane, Band of Brothers) and Lucy Cudden (Judas Ghost, Afterlife). After a successfull run in Portuguese and Irish cinemas, the film adaptation has recently been sold to Japan with Content Media handling international sales.


Source: Colliderworld
Reporter: Montoya

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