SDCC 2014: ‘Thunderbirds are Go!’ Launches at San Diego

ITV Studios have revealed the first image related to the rebooted series, Thunderbirds are GO!



The image was created for the California-based convention, to show off the new Thunderbird 1.


The new Thunderbirds series combines miniatures for its sets and CG animated characters interacting with those sets. Not being able to see those animated characters yet may make longtime fans of Thunderbirds a bit anxious, but it’s so far, so good.

Casting looks to have gone well, with many actors that you may recognize, or at least notice by ear.



Thunderbirds are GO! does not have a premiere date, but it will be airing in 2015, the year in which Thunderbirds will celebrate its 50th anniversary.


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Source: TGG

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