Secrets of Ceres: A New Comic for Spaceship Away


Lancaster, England, 14 October 2008: Comic creators John Freeman and Mike Nicoll are pleased to announce the inclusion of their all-new SF comic strip SECRETS OF CERES in the latest issue of British SF comics magazine SPACESHIP AWAY (

 Written by comic writer and editor John Freeman and drawn by Mike Nicoll, Secrets of Ceres delivers an action-packed SF adventure set in a future world of shady corporations, killer robots and stars Sarah Blake as a space-faring female private investigator who supplements her bounty hunting with a webcam-style broadcast of her adventures… when she can get a connection!

The comic, created in stunning 3D computer art has already attracted high acclaim, appears in the latest issue of the Dan Dare-inspired SF magazine which features new adventures of the original 1950s comics space hero alongside a mix of new and other classic comics. Edited by Rod Barzilay, the title has a loyal and growing following worldwide, delivering high quality SF strips to an eager audience who love the kind of classic space adventure now being rekindled by TV shows such as Doctor Who and Battlestar Galactica.


Ex Astris is the brainchild of Perth-based Mike Nicoll, whose partnership with John Freeman has seen it brought to life in print in Spaceship Away and another independent British comics title Bulletproof, and on the web and in a mobile comic format via


“Ex Astris reflects my love of the kind of SF space adventures I grew up reading,” explains John Freeman, who lives in Lancaster England, currently edits ROK Comics, and has previously been an editor of Doctor Who Magazine and a director of the Lancaster Literature Festival. “I was a sucker for the work of Asimov, EE Doc Smith, Robert Heinlein and others, the kind of SF I’d say Charles Stross and others are continuing to this day.”

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