Seven Doctors? Yes Please!

I read this rumor over at downthetubes and I’ve got my fingers crossed this isn’t a mistake.  If the rumours are to be believed this year’s BBC Children in Need are planning a special Doctor episode featuring all seven surviving Doctors.

If it turns out to be true this could beat the excellent ‘Time Crash’ with Peter Davidson and David Tennant which was in last year’s fund raising show. I just hope if they manage to pull off getting toether all seven time lords that they do them justice and give it them a decent amount of time (Ha I made  time joke funny me). As much as enjoyed Time Crash I was left wanting a proper episode as were a lot of other fans.

Source: Downthetubes
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  1. I honestly can’t see this coming off to be honest. Tom Baker is resistant to Who stuff and I can’t imagine Eccleston coming back quite so soon.

    I’d love to see something though. In an interview on the Kingdom of Silver CD from Big Finish, Sylvester McCoy put forth an idea that I think would really be a nice two parter – The current Doc meets (apparantly) the Seventh Doctor. But it turns out that it’s a villain who just happens to look like Doc 7. It’d be a twist on the usual doppleganger story. Something to consider Mr. Moffatt?

    (I know you lurk around the site and GS forums … I’m watching you! Actually – if you do, then sorry about that. It was possibly a tad creepy. Also great work on Coupling and Who both!)

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