Sherwood, TX – Robin Hood Meets Texas Biker Gangs!

I’m really not sure how news of the first issue of this one slipped me by, but there’s another Robin Hood based comic on the news stands. This one takes the legend and drops the outlaw into (as the title suggests) Sherwood, Texas. Here’s the blurb for issue one (out now and available digitally for a mere dollar) and Issue two (priced at the regular $3.99 mark).

The title is published by 12 Gauge Comics and you can find out more on their site. Sounds good to me!



Re-imagining the legend of Robin Hood as a modern day Spaghetti Western, SHERWOOD, TX is set inside the world of biker gangs, drug wars, human trafficking, and revenge.Don’t miss out on the book calls “one of the most notable” titles of FCBD 2014– jump on board now at the special introductory price of only $1.00!


ROB HOOD, shot and left for dead by members of the Nobles Motorcycle Club, has miraculously survived. After a year in hiding, Hood assumes the identity of a mysterious new member of the Jesters MC known only as “Loxley.” As Bike Week begins in Nottingham, Texas, the disguised Hood puts his plans for revenge into motion. Don’t miss the second installment of this bold re-imagining of the Robin Hood legend.

Sherwood, TX Issue 2

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Source: Press Release

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