“I thought you were an alien”

I first came into contact with Chris Chung’s work after watching the hilarious and award winning martial arts comedy ‘Handuken’. Now, a little over a year on, sees Chung  branching out into  a very different genre with his new short film ‘Lux’.

The story of Lux is about Rich, a bloke whose job it is to travel the country extracting light energy from the stars which is measured in Lux (hence the title). It is during one of these jobs he meets Lilly.

First off the  lighting in this film is spellbinding. I don’t know how much was spent on the effects for Lux but it was money well spent. Last year I watched Chung’s Handuken short at the Virgin Media Shorts Awards at the Imax and I think that venue is made for a film like this.

“My last extraction was Peckham”

Lux creates interesting dynamic in that, like Lilly, I was engrossed in what was taking place in the sky but to Rich this was just another boring day on the job. In fact the one thing he was far more interested in was standing right in front of him.

“By tomorrow it will all be back to normal”

The brief  conversation/debate between Rich and Lilly leaves some things open to interpretation. Could Rich’s device actually damage rather than collect? Could it be turned into a weapon? It’s the kind of questions that big budget hollywood films are made of. Also is there something more to Lilly even considering the way the light hearted way the film ended? This feels very much like the start of something bigger rather than a self contained short. At first this frustrated me a little because it felt like there were more questions to answer. On my second viewing, however, it bothered my far less as I realised I was inventing conspiracies out of thin air.

Before I sign off on this review I need to give special mention to the music by Shawn Lyon. His original score really sets the tone with its ethereal melodies. Like any great score it supports rather than intrudes.It’s a shame the film is only five minutes as I would love to see Lyon have a crack at something longer.

Lux is lovely short film with some amazing lighting effects (watch for the night to day transformation) within which lives that age old tale of boy meets girl.

Stepping out of one’s creative comfort zone is always a hard thing to do but Lux showed me that it is a step worth taking for Chung.

I hope he continues to push himself and I am eager to see what he comes up with next.

“Lux’ is due to start its festival run soon but in the meantime here’s a look at the teaser trailer.

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