Slaughterman’s Creed is Coming

Cy Dethan, writer extraodinaire has just announed his new comic from Markosia. It’s a five-issue creator-owned series called  “Slaughterman’s Creed“.

Here’s some of the blurb on the comic.

Sidney is a professional killer working for Big Lenny Addison, a London ganglord specialising in human trafficking. He is almost completely uneducated except in his family’s trade – at which he is an unparalleled expert.

When he is called upon to breach his code and bring a pregnant woman to slaughter, Sidney’s life is changed forever. Betrayed by those he has served his whole life, the Slaughterman embarks on a bloody vendetta – determined to bring Addison’s whole empire to the blade.

Cy gave us some insight into the concept being the comic.

The basic pitch for it was “Get Carter” meets “Lone Wolf & Cub” in an abattoir. A highly specialised killer embarks on a bloody vendetta when his employer breaches his professional code of ethics. It’s going to be 
intense, and I’m very excited to have Stephen Downey (the artist on Cancertown) working with me on this book.

I’m a big fan of Cy’s work so I’ll be following this project with interest.

You can get some more details about the project on Cy’s blog 

Source: Cy Dethan

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