Sony makes its PS4 global sales target of 5 million consoles before its Japanese release

Sony have announced that sales of its PlayStation 4 console have hit 5.3 million units globally as of 8th February, meaning that they have reached their target of selling 5 million consoles by the end March 2014 with some 7 weeks to spare. The achievement is even more remarkable as the PS4 does not  launch in its home country of Japan until 22nd February and that launch will see substantial additional sales.  Sony’s initial target of 5 million units included sales in Japan.

Rivals Microsoft have not confirmed the current sales numbers for the Xbox One, but last month they announced that they had sold 3.2 million Xbox One’s by the end of December 2013.  Though not expected to be as high as the PS4 sales Microsoft are likely to have sold between 4-4.5 million Xbox One’s in the same time-scale as the PS4.

Microsoft have not confirmed a date when they plan to release the Xbox One in Japan but sales of the console are expect to spike with the March release of Titanfall.


Source: What Mobile

Reporter: Soulfinger

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