Sony PS4 and Channel 4 Exclusive Launch Campaign

The launch of the PlayStation 4 is just around the corner and the people at Sony have teamed up with Channel 4 in an exclusive PS4 launch campaign of the like we haven’t seen before.  Keep reading to find out more…

With only a day to go until the launch of the PS4 in Europe, Sony are letting the marketing machine go full steam ahead and have teamed up with Channel 4 with bespoke adverts and culminating in competitions over the launch weekend where you will be able to win PS4’s.

You may have noticed over the last week little ‘blipverts’ and short teaser ads over the last week, this has all been to build up to Friday’s launch of the PS4

Today we will see a step up in the advertising with those interstitials (the short Channel 4 logo adverts just before a programme is about to start) having a bit of a PS4 feel about them,  instead of them being the usual scrap yard with cranes making up the Channel 4 logo they have been using gameplay from PS4 games Killzone: Shadow Fall and #DRIVECLUB

A bit like this:

Using gameplay from Killzone Shadow Fall

Using gameplay from #DRIVECLUB

The above interstitials were generated using the game-engines themselves rather than using any post-production techniques and they will be used at the beginning and end of selected ad breaks from today and throughout the weekend.

The live competition spots will run in the ad breaks on peak Channel 4 programs across the weekend, so keep your eye out for them.  One competition we know for sure will be run during a new 2 hour documentary on Saturday ‘How Videogaming Changed the World’ hosted by Charlie Brooker and will be joined by Jonathan Ross and Dara O’Briain.

Viewers will be asked to ‘Crack the Code’ via a purpose-built website, hosted on, and posting your entry to the competition on Twitter.
In another first, there will also be a VOD based competition, giving time shifted viewers a chance to also enter – viewers will be encouraged to rewind from the second ad break back to the first in Sunday night’s Homeland in order to ‘Crack the Code’ whilst the final ad break in the show will be taken over by PS4 to give a broadcast premiere to PlayStation’s short film celebrating the history of gaming – Players Since 1995


I’ve started to count the hours down until the postman arrives with my shiny new PS4 on Friday – not long now….

Source: Channel 4
Reporter: JMS1701

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