Sony Release Killzone: Shadow Fall Gameplay Footage

Killzone Shadow Fall
Sony have released just over 4 minutes of full 1080p, 60 fps multiplayer gameplay  footage of the upcoming release title Killzone: Shadow Fall




With the release of Sony’s PS4 now only 9 days away in the US and closely followed at the end of the month here in the UK and Europe we’re being treated to just over 4 minutes of multiplayer gameplay from YouTuber WhiteBoy7thst.

Check it out right here:


Killzone’s single player campaign is said to be coming in at more than 10 hours playtime to work your way through it, so it doesn’t appear to just be an afterthought with the multiplayer being the main focus.

The multiplayer side stats do look impressive though. Killzone will run at native 1080p and 60 fps, support up to 24 players and have multiple play modes. Shadow Fall will also go against normal multiplayer convention in a number of ways from its competitors too. For instance, you’ll start with the game’s full arsenal of guns (22) and you’ll need to complete skill-based challenges (1,500 in all) in order to upgrade your gear and abilities. But perhaps most intriguing is going to be the player-created Warzones that will begin popping up once Killzone: Shadow Fall lands.

Along with the confirmation in the video that these multiplayer maps will also be free is surely a good thing for gamers and certainly a break from the normal DLC route we’ve been used to.

With the recent announcements that the Xbox One’s first set of FPS games to be released will only be at 720p, it’s nice to see PS4 lead the way with full 1080p in all the launch titles coming our way.
I have this game included in my pre-ordered bundle to arrive on release day and I have to say, with the vibes and news coming our way about the PS4, I feel more confident daily that I made the right decision.  23 days to wait – not that I’m counting though…

Source: PlayStation Blog
Reporter: JMS1701

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