Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark TV Spot

For those of you who don’t know, Julie Taymor’s turning Spider-Man into a musical. Yes. A musical! Even if the music is by some members of U2, whether or not it’ll be good remains to be seen. To date, the production has been plagued with accidents a plenty. In any case, Vogue gave us some of the first looks at the interesting costumes and now a TV commercial has appeared via Bleeding Cool:

GS Reporter: Sharlene
Source: Vogue, Bleeding Cool

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  1. Somebody’s going to hurt themselves!

    Still not too into this, but maybe the choreography would be interesting.

  2. SnazzyO /

    Color me surprised at how cool the choreography looked. SOOOO much depends on the songs. Looks like they are doing the first movie because they’ve got the Green Goblin (I know nothing about this project so this may be old news).

    Interesting. If I lived in NYC I’d probably go. It’s not a “get on a train and go see” show yet for me.

    • They are not following any particular movie. Carnage is in it, and he has not been in any film. They also have their own character, Swiss Miss, so it’s just a jumble of characters from the comics.

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