Stage & TV Actor Assaults Bin Men

This is a tad late on the news front, but it amused the hell out of me when I read it last night and then got me on a bit of a rant.

Basically, Red Dwarf, Maid Marian and MI:High star Danny John Jules is being sentenced for assaulting his bin men after they refused to take ANY of his recycling after finding one item

of polystyrene in his bin. Danny (In dressing gown and slippers no less) proceded to spit at them and then beat them to the ground.

Now, I think this is possibly an excessive reaction and punishment should be meted, but I’m kinda on Danny’s here. If there’s an item in there that shouldn’t be – here’s a unique concept Mr. Bin Men:

TAKE IT OUT! either there on the guy’s drive or at the sorting plant. It’s not brain science. What’s better, having bags of rubish lining the streets for more time (and potentially being strewn everywhere) or taking five seconds to take out a single item?

Source: The Telegraph

GS Reporter: WedgeDoc

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