Star Wars: Legacy – War #6 – Review

Writer: John Ostrander

Penciller: Jan Duursema

Inker: Dan Parsons

Colorist: Brad Anderson

Cover Artist: Jan Duursema

Battleground Coruscant. The allies have carried the battle to the Sith. The war for control of the galaxy is not over yet…
…but it will be by the end of this issue. Traitors will be revealed, heroes and villains will fall, and empires will be toppled. It all ends here!

Available May 25th 2011


I love Star Wars but I haven’t much experience in the Legacy Era stuff that has come out in the past 15 years. So I went in to this pretty much cold.

Set 138 years after the battle of Yavin (episode IV) Cade Skywalker and an alliance of the Galactic Alliance and the Imperials have banded together to fight a war against Darth Krayt and his forces. In this issue the War has reached Coruscant. Cade Skywalker faces Darth Krayt in a duel to the death to end the war.

The issue is pretty action packed. The lightsaber battle between Cade and Krayt is well scripted and you can tell there is a lot of history behind their relationship. The way John Ostrander wrote these two has made me want to go and read more stuff featuring these two and the events leading up to this point. Considering this is the 6th part of the story I wasn’t as lost as I thought I would be, the first page recap and my general knowledge of the Star Wars universe was enough to get me through. However if you are not like me and don’t have a knowledge of the wider star wars universe you might struggle to keep up with whose who and what is actually happening.

The Art from Jan Duursema is pretty stellar! Her characters are full of emotion and her action scenes are bursting things to look at. It’s some of the prettiest art I’ve seen in a star wars comic and I can see why Dark Horse would get her to do this stuff.


If you read John Ostranders Star Wars: Legacy series then you will want to read this! If like me you have very little knowledge of this era of Star Wars then it might not be for you; however any comic reading Star Wars fans will want to check out the trade.

I’m going to give Star Wars Legacy – War #6 a 3 out of 5, great action and great characters but a chance you might be totally lost.

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