STARLIGHT From Millar, Parlov Launches in March

StarlightThis March, meet Duke McQueen, the man who saved the universe on a regular basis and was a famous space hero before he settled down and retired. At least he thought he was retired until he embarks on one last adventure after receiving an urgent call from a distant planet.

This March begins Mark Millar and Goran Parlov’s first salvo into intergalactic adventure, which will kick off the interconnected MillarWorld Universe launch. “Plain and simple, this is the book that starts it all and you’re getting on the ground floor here for a three years plan I have featuring nine or ten titles with the biggest artists in the comic-book industry,” said Millar. “Goran has been my favourite artist for the last couple of years and getting to work with him on a project that’s so pivotal to my plans, the beginning of what I hope is something enormous, is really exciting to me.”

With Starlight, Millar was inspired by the old sci-fi serials of the 40’s and 50’s, as he often wondered what would happen next. “One day they’d come back to Earth and settle down and have kids and that’s exactly what Starlight is… the story of a space-hero who returned and nothing exciting ever happened to him again until he reached retirement age and he had this call back to the stars. I’ve always been a fan of old gunslinger stories… the idea of this man who had been famous for his excellence getting one last chance to show what he can do. Applying that myth to a space-hero, to an iconic sci-fi character, seemed really interesting to me and the character is so warm and likeable as well as gruff and, I suppose, bad-ass that he really just wrote himself. Goran and I are very proud of this book.”

Old-school style science hero books haven’t exactly been a hotbed of activity in comics as of late, and definitely haven’t seen many newcomers since Tom Strange or the like, so it should be interesting to see what Millar and Parlov do with that genre.

STARLIGHT arrives in stores on 3/5 and is available for $2.99

Source: Image Comics
Reporter: Leo Johnson

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