Star Wars Celebration Europe: Day 3

The final day of SWCE2016 was a good’un. Han Solo announcements, special guests and cosplays of all the badass women of the Star Wars universe!

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Here is the full version of the Carrie Fisher panel:


The Future Filmmakers panel wasn’t streamed, but here’s the closing ceremony for you to have a look at instead! Then if you didn’t make it to SWCE you can think about how much you regret not going. Only a year til Orlando, only two years til Europe. *sobs into sleeve of new SWCE shirt*


SWCE was absolutely phenomenal this year and the team behind it deserve a massive pat on the back. Thanks to them and also to everyone who followed our live coverage on Twitter! We hoped you enjoyed it from afar. If you can make it to SWC in Orlando next year, GO. You will not be disappointed. Plus, they’ll have all the juicy EpVIII gossip.


GS Blogger: Jess Hawke

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