Stewart to guest on “Doctor Who?”

 Plant this one FIRMLY in the rumor column, but Trek Today, citing an article in the Daily Star tabloid, says Patrick Stewart (of “Star Trek:  The Next Generation,” “X-Men,” and Shakespeare fame) has been offered the role of the Meddling Monk, a rogue Time Lord, on “Doctor Who.”

The article says Stewart will take the part if his schedule allows, and the BBC is willing to wait until 2010 if necessary. 

The Monk, originally played by Peter Butterworth, appeared in seasons two and three of the original show, in the stories “The Time Meddler” and “The Daleks’ Master Plan.”  In his original appearance, he was actively trying to meddle with time and drastically alter the outcome of the Norman conquest of England, thus advancing Earth’s technological capabilities much faster than history stated.

He never appeared on TV again after “The Daleks’ Master Plan, but he made subsequent appearances in the Doctor Who Monthly comic strip and several novels.

Source: Trek Today

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