Strike Back: Shadow Warfare Prequel Comic Now Available

Strike Back Wet Work CoverLast Monday, Strike Back returned to Sky 1 with it’s fourth series titled Shadow Warfare. As an addition to the series, a prequel comic (Strike Back: Wet Work) has been made available on the Sky website. After the break, we present a couple of pages of the comic as a preview. If you’re interested and aged sixteen or over, you can download the comic from the realaunched website. The comic is written by JM Simpson with art by Graeme Howard and letters by Nikki Foxrobot.

The comic is thirty-five pages long and takes the reader right up to the opening scene of this year’s series.

Here’s a couple of pages to whet your appetite, but I recommend you head over and grab a copy for yourselves. Hopefully this will be the first of many Strike Back comic books!

Strike-Back-Issue-0-Wet-Work-Preview-eye Strike-Back-Issue-0-Wet-Work-Preview-dive

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Source: Sky One
Reporter: WedgeDoc

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