Stylish PC Roguelike Nongünz Hits Steam

It’s not very often that some game artwork leaves me thinking “Wow, that looks tasty!” but having just stumbled upon Nongünz’s bleak aesthetic, I am certainly intrigued. Nongünz released on Steam yesterday and is described as an nihilistic action platformer that features a new procedurally-generated gothic dungeon on each playthrough, with lots of strange fleshy monsters to kill. It’s also a roguelike that rewards you for chaining together combos and increasing your score, rewards that you can redeem by building your own graveyard base and populating it with handy characters that can help you on your adventures.

On top of the gritty pixel visuals, the game is also apparently one giant riddle, something that you can unravel to reveal the mystery behind the universe of Nongünz. The game’s website says that “Nongünz aspires to seduce the player into a reflexion around the undeniable appeal of violence and the instincts behind accumulation of power and superiority.” An interesting aim.

Nongünz is out now on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux. It’s on offer at £4.24 until 26th May, when it will return to its RRP of £4.99.

Nongünz was created by the Brainwash Gang and published by Sindiecate Arts. All images used are © Copyright Sindicate Arts.

GS Blogger: Casey Douglass

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