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Over the years there have been a lot of these so called crossovers of various franchises but this one sounds like it could be a more mature take on the idea. If the art is handled well it could be good especially if they focus on Murphy’s struggle.

Writer Rob Williams has revealed plot details of Dynamite’s crossover project Terminator/Robocop: Kill Human.  Speaking to Newsarama, the scribe explained that the miniseries will feature a familiar take on cyborg law enforcer Alex Murphy, who is struggling to maintain his humanity.

“It’s exactly the same character. Alex Murphy as Robocop. His struggle to keep his human side alive,” he said. “But imagine he was just switched off one day and when he’s next woken up he’s in the far future, the machines have taken over and there’s only a couple of human beings left alive.  “It’s the metaphorical war within Murphy taken to the brutal extreme. As for The Terminator future. I think this is as far in the timeline as anyone’s gone. It’s hundreds of years after Terminator Salvation, certainly.”

Williams went on to say that he relished the opportunity to work with interior artist PJ Holden, with whom he had never previously collaborated, despite both having contributed to 2000AD.  “PJ’s great. Excellent storyteller and his pages have that punk energy that 2000AD is famous for, I think,” he added. “Plus, he’s drawn a lot of sci-fi in the past, future war on strips like Judge Dredd and Rogue Trooper. He’s good at this type of stuff.”

SOURCE: Digital Spy

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