The Adventures of Simon Pegg Graphic Novel hits your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and UK Android Today!

I’m not that big a fan of autobiographies but I’ve been interested in picking up Simon Pegg’s Nerd Do Well for while now. In the meantime I think as a nice (and cheap at £1.79) taster I think I definitely will be picking up his graphic novel adventures which have been influenced by Nerd Do Well.

All the info on the ebook app (which sounds like it has some nice features) is below you can also head over to the website for more info. 


Cornerstone and Random House Digital launch Simon Pegg digital graphic novel


Behold, Simon Pegg as you’ve never seen him before!

Immerse yourself in 68 richly illustrated pages of

The Adventures of Simon Pegg, an exclusive digital graphic novelisation, inspired by the pages of Simon’s autobiography, Nerd Do Well.

The graphic novel app will be available for purchase on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and UK Android users from 25th November for £1.79.

Seamless panel-by-panel viewing with transitions and movement and intuitive navigation controls let you embark on a unique journey through the story.

Marvel as his superhero alter-ego traverses the continents in his customized Pegg Jet. His mission: to prevent the destruction of all life on earth.

A hilarious and brilliantly crafted graphic novel featuring the escapades of Simon Pegg, a ruggedly handsome superhero (with a body a bit like Brad Pitt’s from Fight Club and an almost constant thirst for Coke Zero) and his ever faithful robotic manservant, Canterbury, as they fight to stop the world from exploding. Will they get to Hendon in time to stop evil criminal Lord Black from carrying out his plan to fire his ancient Egyptian laser beam into the sun? Will Simon finally capture the heart of flame haired French cat burglar, The Scarlet Panther? And, perhaps most importantly, will Canterbury manage to provide appropriate refreshments for all visiting guests/informants? There’s only one way to find out…

Features of the app include:

· Seven different wallpapers for the user to customise their home screens and pledge allegiance to their favourite character by downloading a colourful wallpaper
· Character biographies for the user to learn more about the individual characters in the graphic novel
· Users can share panels via Facebook Connect, Twitter and email
· Users can pick songs from iPod library to listen to background music whilst reading
· A synopsis of Simon’s megatronic autobiography ‘Nerd Do Well’ published by Century, £18.99
· A free sample chapter of ‘Nerd Do Well’ with customisable font size

Random House Digital is a pioneer of digital and audio publishing with industry firsts including the launch of the first list of ‘enhanced’ ebooks and being the first UK publisher to make mass-market books available via the Apple App Store. Random House Digital continues to innovate across all digital platforms and is committed to the goal of publishing all new titles as ebooks whilst working to make the whole backlist available over time.

The Adventures of Simon Pegg written by Simon Pegg
Edited by Adam Humphrey & Ben Dunn
Illustrated by Gaz Roberts / Blend
Produced by Cornerstone & Robot Media

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