The Avengers movie gets another villain

Beware that this may be some news that you do not want to hear in fear of spoilers.

The internet has been abuzz with rumors that along with Loki and possibly the Skrulls that another villain could be heading to the screen. Before I reveal more I just want to say that this could ring true because of a few things.

Last year at Comicon San Dieago, Marvel were showing off the Infinity Gaulet and also it was seen in Thor in Odin’s vault. Read on if you want to know more…

So the rumors are saying that the possible villain is THANOS. Now, Thanos has been a big player in the Marvel Universe for many years and has had some big stories around him.

THANOS Fan Art by Mark Zeba

Not sure if this is overkill on characters but if anyone can handle this many it has to be Joss Whedon. I would like to think that Thanos could be setting up for the 2nd Avengers film or even Thor 2.

However we must not forget what happened in Spider-Man 3 with 3 villains. Just look how that turned out. So what do you guys think?

SOURCE: Latino Review

GS Reporter: Montoya

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