The Axe Coffee Table – the must have item of any Zombie Apocalypse

Any self repecting geek out there knows the Zombie apocalypse is coming and it’s only a matter how well you will be prepared for it.

Imagine you are hiding out in a boarded up house having dinner with a few survivors, breaking bread for what may be your last time. During the meal one of your companions, who has been hiding that they have been been slowly turning into a zombie, attacks and your weapons are in the other room. Now in most circumstances it would be game over for you and the other surviors unless you were eating at this table.

That’s right my zombie slaying friend you just simply pull off one of the Axe’s holding up this Axe coffee table and it’s decapitation time for your unfriendly neighborhood zombie.

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: DVICE

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  1. Red Five /

    We often sit around in the flat improving our plans for what we’d do when the outbreak finally hits…I’m thinking we need to get us this table!

  2. montoc1701 /

    Hah, this look great, a must for any zombie fan

  3. I. Want. This .NOW!

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