The Cardiff Independent Comic Expo Returns this June

With MCM London Expo fast becoming a distant gleam in the convention goers  eye (yes I know it was only last weekend..time moves differently in geekdom ok???) we now look forward to a summer of conventions, starting with the Cardiff Independent Comic Expo (CICE).

The convention will take place on on Saturday 25th June, 2016 at Cardiff Masonic Hall. The show is setting out to show off the very best in independent comic artists, writers, publishers, retailers, illustrators, craftspeople and more, from South Wales and beyond.

Sadly it’s been a number of years since I’ve made the trip up to sample the comic delights the Welsh comic scene has to offer but if memory and friends recommendations serve it is well worth making the trip.

It’s clear from previous conventions that the indie scene is the driving force behind this convention. Indie creators including: Godmachine, Bearded Skull Comics, Gavin Mitchell, Stiffs, Andy Bloor, Real Tidy Designs, Sarah Millman, Vince Hunt, and many more will be in attendance. This commitment to indie creators is reinforced by Mike Allwood, the creator of CICE.

“The independent creators are the very soul of our shows. Every year they raise the bar on the books they produce and to this day continue to push the medium to new levels. I’m delighted to have the opportunity once again to showcase the rich pool of talent we have in the UK with our small press creators”

However not to leave out the mainstream comic fan in the cold, like a lost puppy, there are some guests coming from the worlds of 2000AD, Marvel,DC and Titan Comics.

We are delighted that comics legend John Higgins (Watchmen, Jacked, Killing Joke, Razorjack), joins us as Guest of Honour, with Guest Artists including: Jon Davis-Hunt (Vertigo, 2000AD), Mike Collins (Marvel, 2000AD), David Roach (DC, 2000AD), Sally-Jane Hurst (Razorjack), Dylan Teague (2000AD), Patrick Goddard (2000AD), Simon Williams (Marvel), and Guest Writer: Al Ewing (Marvel, Titan, 2000AD).

One of things that stood out to me from the press release is that the convention is turning their attention for the first time to kids. I mean lets face it when we are all picking up our free bus passes it will be the kids of today who will decide whether comics will still have a future in the world of tomorrow. CICE will be attempting to cultivate this future by proving a dedicated space for the little rapscallions (yes I can use big words) to create and draw their own comic characters to keep.

If you are thinking of going then be aware that tickets are only available in advance and online from the CICE official website. Cost of the tickets are £4.50 (children under 12 go free with a ticket holding adult).

With a convention that is open to fans of all ages, families and family friendly cosplayers this sounds like a con worth taking the time to swing by and check out. And because I’m a nice geek here’s a flyer with all the info.


Source: CICE
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