The Final Days of Kickstarter – My So-Called Secret Identity

So my plan to run this feature every day hit a snag in that there seems to be loads and loads of projects just finishing on Kickstarter (yes I know I should have known that and no I’m not an idiot…OK maybe a little). To stop this feature from going the way of the  dodo I  have decided to write them every so often as the mood takes me or someone recommends something to me.

Today’s Kickstarter is the comic My So-Called Secret Identity which is about the adventures of Catherine Abigail Daniels, a normal (but incredibly intelligent) young woman in a city of superheroes.  The Kickstarter about 7 days left and its all about are you ready then take my hand and lets fly!

My So-Called Secret Identity

My So-Called Secret Identity


Loving that cover! OK first off we’ve already had some dealings the My So-Called Secret Identity team. Our of the GS team reviewed issue 1 and loved it and looking at the quotes on the Kickstarter page it seems a shed load of other folks did as well.

MSCSI focuses on the life of Catherine Abigail Daniels. Daniels is a PhD student with almost unbelievable mental prowess. Think Sherlock Holmes levels of intellect, only combined with friendly social skills. Daniels lives and works in a city called Gloria.

As Daniels goes about her daily life through the city, Gloria becomes a fully fledged character in and of itself. After only one episode Gloria felt as real and as in-depth to me as London, NYC, Gotham and Metropolis do. – faintdreams (GS Blogger)


So many kickstater videos just don’t work for me but the pledge video for MSCSI was one of them. The video intro by the central character was a nice touch it gave the story a  fun noir feeling mixed in with some great looking art. At the end of the day having folks on the video talking about their projects is great but I think showing off as much of the project as you can in these videos works for me in terms of attracting my interest and my seldom open wallet. I thought the team stuck a nice balance between the two.

My So-Called Secret Identity is what happened when internationally-acclaimed Batman scholar and popular culture expert, Dr Will Brooker, decided to stop criticising mainstream comics for their representation of women, and show how it could be done differently; how it could be done better.

Working with professional illustrator Susan Shore and PhD in superhero art, Dr Sarah Zaidan, Brooker assembled a team to build a new universe, close enough to the familiar capes-and-cowls mythos to offer critical comment, but distinct enough to strike out in a whole new direction and offer a story unlike any other superhero title.

The costume designs and character sketches for My So-Called Secret Identity were created by established names and fan favourites, from Lea Hernandez to Hanie Mohd. These very different artists offered very different takes on the characters and their styles, but they had one thing in common. In a deliberate reversal of mainstream industry conventions, almost all the creative team behind MSCSI are female.

Now, in the month when co-creators Will Brooker and Sarah Zaidan appear on a panel at the British Library’s prestigious Comics Unmasked exhibition with Grant Morrison and Warren Ellis, we’re launching this Kickstarter to finish the first volume of Cat’s adventures.

We have two aims. Firstly, we simply want to produce Issue 5, the last instalment in the first volume of MSCSI, which shows you what happens to Cat after the cliffhanger at the end of Issue 4, and wraps up her story for now. – My So-Called Secret Identity team


How long do I have?

The project currently has 7 days to go.

Where is the project currently at?

As of today the campaign has raised £7,583 out of a £8,500 goal.


What’s in it for me?

Here are some of the perks on the My So-Called Secret Identity that stood out for me.

FIVE BY FIVE: You receive issue 5, digitally, straight to your inbox, with an iconic new cover by Clay Rodery. Cat’s story concludes in spectacular fashion and you’ll get it as soon as it’s completed. (£5 or more)

Sometimes the best selling techniques are the simplest ones and the 5 by 5 perk is one of these. It’s a great idea, rolls off the tongue and is easy to remember for word of mouth stuff.

MSCSI ISSUES 1-5, DIGITAL EDITION: the complete story so far, including Issue 5, sent directly to your inbox. (£15)

MSCSI ISSUES 1-5, PRINT EDITION: the complete story so far, including Issue 5 and two bonus scenes, with a stunning cover by Ursula Dorada. (£20)

I’ve bundled these two perks together because what I thought it was cool that there was only a fiver difference between the digital and print issues. So if print is your bag you don’t have to spend much more to get the issues over the digital heathen…I mean brethren.

APPEAR IN MSCSI: everything in the Sponsorship Deal, plus send us a photo/logo and either you, your friend, your family member, your small business or band will be featured as a cameo role or a poster in Issue 5. Strictly limited offer!

Yes this is a pricey perk but the fact they suggest sticking your business in there is a clever touch. People may not like that kind of thing but product placement has been used in TV and film for a long old time so why shouldn’t comics get in on the action if it’s tastefully handled and helps fund projects?




Right where was I…ah yes perks.

THE INVESTMENT LEVEL: everything in the Sponsorship Deal, plus an original, personalised and signed watercolour from MSCSI artist Jennie Gyllblad, and a signed copy of the MSCSI Issue SIX script — absolutely exclusive and unavailable anywhere else — from Will Brooker. (£200 or more)

A lot of the art package perks have already gone which  is shame because there were some goodies in there. My main reason for leaning towards this perk is that I love Jennie Gyllblad both biblically (whatever that means) and artistically so anything she’s involved in I’m interested in. If you’ve never seen Jennie’s art , head over to her site. Oh and if you need a good laugh check out her web comic…I’ve snorted out real milk over some of her web tales*

*kids please note that snorting out milk is bad. It’s not big, not clever and can be life threatening (depending on who the milk lands on). Go to your local milk baths to learn how to snort milk properly.


Where can I find out more?

Kick starter Project:

Blog/main website:

To pledge via paypal:

Join me soon for another Final Days of Kickstarter. Now I’ll leave with some more glorious art from the project.

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