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Eye for an Eye: Talking Vengeance with R.S.A Garcia

Lex Talionis, out now from Dragonwell Publishing, is a full throttle science fiction novel that combines a strong female viewpoint with an extended meditation on vengeance and just how far we’re prepared to go for it. We talked to the author, R.S.A Garcia, about the book, her influences and what’s next for her.




Doctor Who

Ant and Luke battle it out once again to reveal their favourite Doctor Who stories throughout the Timelord’s fifth (Mr cricket himself Peter Davidson) and sixth (the somewhat grump and possibly insane Colin Baker) regenerations.



Agents of SHIELDA Series in Retrospective

What went right and what went right in Marvel’s ambitious TV series which seems to be the equivalent of genre Marmite within geekdom? Find out as we take a look back at series one.





We catch up with Nathan Edmondson and artist Alison Sampson, the writer and artist team behind the  Image Comics one shot Genesis.


Comixology Submit

We talk to Tim Gibson the creator of Moth City to get his thoughts on working with the Comixology Submit program.



Bluffers Guide to 2000AD

Don’t know your Slaine from you Judge Dredd? We bring you everything you need to know in our latest bluffers guide. 


Antony Johnson on Umbral

Antony Johnston was kind enough to chat to GS about Umbral, female protagonists, world building, and what makes a creative team great.



A History of the Monster

Walk with us as we lead you by the hand not through the streets of London but down the dark and scary path of fiction’s most well wrapped creation – The Mummy



Also look out for elevator pitches, reviews, previews and more. If you want to contribute an article to the issue of the Geek Syndicate Magazine then send us an email with your idea to [email protected].




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