The Musketeers Series 3 Q & A with Showrunners Simon Allen and Simon J. Ashford

Buckle your swashes, people!

Series 3 of the hit BBC show The Musketeers is airing shortly in the UK so prepare for action, adventure, fun, passion, drama, intrigue, conflict and warfare on the streets of Paris.  With the stakes higher than ever before, it’s sure to be a rip-roaring, emotional and epic ride with our leather clad heroes. Check out the brand new trailer for series 3.

Showrunners Simon Allen and Simon J. Ashford kindly offered to answer fans’ questions about series 3. These were posted to dedicated Facebook and Twitter accounts (@MuskesS3 #Muskes3ASK) and collated by us (guest bloggers Liz (@Liz_Hanbury) and Jacqueline (@LaDameDeHerblay).

The full Q&A is below and HUGE thanks to Simon and Simon for being so generous with their time and responses – you rock, guys!




Is Series 3 the last?

Stripe Amazon (via Facebook) :  Is there any possibility if all parties are willing to have a season 4 or perhaps even more?  

Simon Allen: Afraid not. Our cast, being so brilliant, are all off doing other things!


Alexandra Ruggli ‏@sasharuggli (via Twitter): At the end of S3 will the option be left open for further Musketeers adventures, perhaps in 1 & 2 episode format? 

Simon J. Ashford: We always knew this was the final series from the moment we persuaded the BBC to greenlight it so no!


Sabrina Adam ‏@SabrinaAdam59 (via Twitter): Why did you stop at S3? Wouldn’t it be possible to have a suite? Sorry for my English.   

Simon Allen: Not many shows get a second series let alone a third. You have to remember that when we took this over, there was no Series 3. We spent a long time preparing this without knowing if it would be greenlit and we were very grateful to the BBC and BBC Worldwide for giving us this chance.


Gabriele Fritz  (via Facebook) -Is the end of S3 open, so that there is any chance to get another series in future?

Simon Allen: We always planned this series as the last so the end is very final! It’s a proper ‘designed’ end. I wrote the end of Series Two and had the idea for the very last moments of Series Three way back then. Never thought I’d get to actually make them into reality!


LaDene Mayville ‏@ladenemayville  (via Twitter): Any chance The Musketeers could be picked up for a season by a network like Netflix, or is it over? Actor interest?

Simon J. Ashford: No. Sorry. This is very much the end and was always planned as such.


Bee ‏@Queenborntolate  (via Twitter): If this is the end of an era for the Musketeers, could a series looking at before they become musketeers be considered?

Simon J.Ashford: There’s an idea! BBC I Player did want us to make an online only episode this year so that could have been the basis of it. We couldn’t schedule it sadly…


Eliana Varone (via Facebook): Have you ever thought about making a modern-adaptation of the story?


Simon J. Ashford: No but now you mention it….




Plot for Series 3/story lines


Rita Lymboura (via Facebook): Series 2 was darker and more violent than series 1. Is series 3 going to continue in this way or be lighter and more humorous?

Simon Allen: The stakes are higher than ever before. I think it’s more urgent and the stories feel like they really matter. We really wanted it to feel like the Musketeers could actually lose when they go into battle – that’s a dark idea!

Simon J. Ashford: Much darker than Series 1 where it always felt like they’d come through.

Simon Allen: There is humour but not at the expense of things feeling properly dangerous for the characters.


Rita Lymboura (Via Facebook): Will Porthos find love in this series?

Simon Allen: Damn straight he will!


RayneBeau Montgomery (via Facebook): Is S3 going to stay more along the lines of Dumas’ books or will it stray more into other directions?

Simon Allen: Apart from Episode Four which is based on ‘the Queen’s Diamonds’ Series 3 generally has nothing to do with the books. It’s a completely original story with new villains.


Gail Licek (via Facebook): My question is will the Dauphin start to question his mother, the queen, about Aramis and the musketeers?

Simon Allen: Wait and see!


Dee Binkies (via Facebook): I’d like to know if all 4 musketeers survive season 3!

Simon J. Ashford: No comment…!


Linda Wells (via Facebook): Do all the women survive season 3?

Simon J. Ashford: Paris is a dangerous place!


Yvonne Kalick (via Facebook): Will we ever get any further background information on Captain Treville’s life?

Simon Allen: Treville has a great story this year and many wonderful moments. Hugo was brilliant for us and a wonderful guy to spend time with.


Patricia Hughes (Via Facebook): Does the war experience change the role of the Musketeers in relation to their duty to protect the king?

Simon J. Ashford: They question everything about themselves this year – especially after events in Episode Three where they find themselves on the wrong side of the fight. Carrying out the King’s orders is not easy when you know those orders are morally abhorrent…


Alex Pryor (Via Facebook): Hey there ! My question is, Will D’artagnan be the best swordsman in S3? I mean in S1 he didn’t stand a chance, In S2 he was getting close to beat him, but in S3, will he best Athos?

Simon Allen: He’s grown up so he doesn’t think like that anymore! He trains the Musketeers now and his biggest problem this year is not besting Athos in a duel but the Captain of the Red Guard, Marcheaux.


Gabriel Fritz (via Facebook): Will there be other Musketeers in the Garrison who play an important role in the whole series? When Athos is Captain now, the 3 others need more support from the Garrison.

Simon Allen: All of the Musketeers have gone to war. The Garrison is full of cadets – young boys who want to be Musketeers and they are looked after and trained by Constance!

Simon J. Ashford: Two of those are semi regular characters – Clairmont, who appears in episodes 1, 2 and comes back in 10. He’s played by Dan Parr.

Simon Allen: And there’s Brujon, another Musketeer cadet who d’Artagnan starts training in Episode Three. Those two have a relationship that’s not unlike d’Artagnan and Athos in Series 1. Brujon appears in several episodes throughout the series. He’s played by Tom Morley who’s wonderful.


Deborah Anstey (via Facebook): Will the central storyline in S3 be focused around D’Artagnan fulfilling his destiny to become “the greatest of them all” just like S2 was focused around Aramis and the Dauphin?

Simon Allen: d’Artagnan’s story is about coming back from war to a marriage that barely got started and a city that’s on the edge of falling apart. It’s about him and Constance realising that, at any moment, either of them could walk out of the Garrison gates and boom! It could be over. She married a Musketeer and that’s the nature of a military marriage. That’s what you buy into. We really see that play out in Episode Three…


Gabriele Fritz (Via Facebook): Will Aramis be back from the beginning?

Simon J. Ashford: Wait and see!


Lucy anning ‏@lucyanning1 (via Twitter): Will S3 just be a war epic to ” impress ” or will the wonderful story lines from S1/S2 follow through to closure ?

Simon Allen: It’s the story of a city at war that needs our boys to save it. It pays off all the threads from 1 and 2 and there are lots of callbacks!


Eva Verhoeven ‏@EvaVerhoeven2 (via Twitter): Hi, Could you tell us if the new character Sylvie plays a large part in the show? She looks very interesting.

Simon J. Ashford: Yes! She’s a refugee who fled to the city to escape the war. She’s very much the voice of the underclass, an early revolutionary if you will.

Simon Allen: She’s meant to be the opposite of our villain Grimaud. In many ways, they’re both victims of war. They’re both from the gutter. They just go about escaping it in very different ways. She uses reason and education. He uses violence.


Georgina Blewett ‏@redbeanmilktea (via Twitter): Did you plan to do any more flashback scenes possibly about Porthos’ mother or showing when Milady and Athos met?

Simon J. Ashford: No.

Simon Allen: But Porthos’ mother does get a mention in a very emotional scene! See if you can spot it…


산티카레 ‏@santi_care  (via Twitter): I love the girls’ friendship as much as our boys’. Can we see more friendship between Queen & Constance in s3?

Simon Allen: Absolutely! They’re in different places at the start – the Queen is very much left alone in the Palace while the King focusses on the Dauphin. Constance is running the Garrison. But in Episode Three, they come together again.


Ares M ‏@Eegrayne  (Via Twitter): What change in brotherhood dynamic could we see given Athos’ role as captain & Aramis being in retreat?

Simon Allen: Wait and see!


Tracey morris ‏@tracemoz  (Via Twitter):Will we hear the patter of tiny footsteps for Constance and Dartagnan in this season?

Simon J Ashford: There is going to be a Musketeer baby.


Sandra chang-adair ‏@banzaichicks  (via Twitter): Madame de Chevreuse is a character in the Dumas’ book. Will she be in s3 to damage Aramis and the Queen’s love affair?

Simon Allen: Series Three is entirely original. It doesn’t draw anything from the books apart from Episode Four – the Queen’s Diamonds.



General story/characterisation


Rita Lymboura (via Facebook):  Was Rupert Everett’s character preplanned or built around his casting?

Simon J. Ashford: Planned! Rupert signed on after reading the first two scripts.


Glynis Spencer ‏@GlynisSpencer (via Twitter): Hi! I feel the Characters have grown so much, it’s now a stand-alone creation. Does it feel like that to you two?

Simon J. Ashford: I guess so, yes. Series Three is very much its own thing.


Cri ‏@CLGertrud  (via Twitter): Hi were you worried to mix guest stars stories with the main plot? Ten hours are not much to have all well developed.

Simon Allen: No. Every guest star provides jeopardy for the Musketeers or our other main characters. They’re relevant to the bigger story. The show doesn’t go on holiday for a week!

Simon J. Ashford: Apart from the Bonnaire episode…

Simon Allen: Ha! Maybe that one, yes. James Callis does try to steal the show!


Melissa ‏@melsnider  (Via Twitter): Is there any Musketeer mythology or character backstory you wanted to explore more but not able to work it into a show?

Simon Allen: The Man in the Iron Mask!

Sue Meek  (Via Facebook): You have already made a bold decision to depart from history and canon by putting the birth of the Dauphin forward about 4 years. So the decision to kill off Richelieu, replacing him with Rochefort, was also a pretty radical one, and took you even further from the course of history.

I’m curious. Was the decision to do that purely motivated by the departure of Peter Capaldi to play Dr Who, or had you always intended to do something of that kind? After all, in theory, no matter how brilliant Peter was in the part, it could have been taken by another actor. It’s certainly not that unusual a move in a show with more than one season. Just interested in your POV!

Simon Allen: I never saw the Musketeers as a historical drama. It’s an action adventure show set in a loose historical context. We’re not dramatising reality! And I think Peter Capaldi was immense but his departure created new opportunities. It led to Mark Warren’s Rochefort and ultimately led to where we are now. We’ve changed the ‘end of level boss’ approach that Series 1 and 2 established and have four loosely allied villains who threaten the Musketeers in all kinds of new and exciting ways. You don’t have to wait until Episode 10 to get the big fight – there’s a big fight every week!


Sue Necessary ‏@GracheysMom  (Via Twitter): Were there any storylines/character arcs you wanted to pursue but weren’t able to for one reason or another?

Simon J. Ashford: Milady was at the heart of Series Three to begin with. It would have been great to do the storyline we had planned for her as a ‘respectable’ member of Paris high society and target of the revolutionaries.


AnotherHelenB ‏@AnotherHelenB  (via Twitter): Did the actors ever request more scenes where they sat & chilled / fewer scenes running up/down stairs or fighting?

Simon Allen: Not that I know of.


JulieT ‏@Fleurdejuliet  (Via Twitter): Whose idea was it to have 4 potential villains this series rather than 1 as in previous series and why ?


Simon Allen: I had the idea of a family of villains in my notebook from day one. I always imagined three of them. Not four!

Simon J. Ashford: But as we developed that, we realized they didn’t have to be a family. We just needed them to be allied together.

Simon Allen: But their agendas collide and get complicated. They’re on the same side i.e. pitted against the Musketeers but there’s still huge conflict between them.


JulieT ‏@Fleurdejuliet  (Via Twitter): Did you agree on how you wanted to end the series or did you have many alternate endings?

Simon Allen: Having written the end of Series Two, I knew exactly how I wanted to end the final series. I was very lucky to be able to do that but…. there was an epilogue scene that we cut at the very last moment. I’ll see if we can put that online after Series Three goes out as I think long term fans will enjoy it!


JulieT ‏@Fleurdejuliet  (Via Twitter): Which episode of the new series was your favourite to write ? 

Simon Ashford: Ep 1 – my war episode! But I enjoyed working on 5 which needed a lot of last minute work. I had to fly out to Prague and write things on the set!

Simon Allen: Episode 3 – I’m proud of the way it winds up and things just get more and more tense. I liked working with James Callis on his character and the comedy for Episode 4 and I LOVED writing the Milady scenes for Episode 8.


@wedsandsatnight  (Via Twitter): Which episode of S3 will be our FAVOURITE? And give us a clue as to why.

Simon Ashford: We’re proud of all the episodes but I think 1, 3, 6 and 10 are strong.

Simon Allen: As are 7 and 9. In fact I love all the eps. For different reasons but honestly I love them all!


Liz Hanbury (via Facebook): Did you know what the final S3 scene would be right from the start?

Simon Allen: I knew how I wanted the ending to be. More importantly I knew how I wanted to make people feel – I really hope it works and that people find it moving. It made the actors involved cry! It’s a sort of thank you and goodbye to the fans.


Behind the scenes

Mary Coppenbarger (Via Facebook): What are the strengths or most surprising things about each of the actors?

Simon Allen: Oh they’re all amazing. I guess Tom Burke surprised us so many times this year. He can communicate so much with just the right look or gesture. He’s incredible and it was such a joy to talk character with him. One of my happiest memories is discussing Athos’ very last lines in the show. He really invested in it and I can’t thank him enough.

Simon J. Ashford: And Luca digs deep – he has some beautifully emotional moments.

Simon Allen: And I think Matthew McNulty as Grimaud is going to surprise a lot of people!


Toria Ives (Via Facebook): What friendships have been formed between the actors/actresses in real life?

Simon Allen: I think, generally, it’s a very happy cast. Everybody has stayed in touch!


Gill Lyon  (via Facebook): In S1 Ep1 D’Artagnan collapses in the market & wakes up in Constance’s house. When he gets up from the bed he bangs his head on the ceiling lamp. Was this in the script or did it happen because Luke is so tall, but as it worked they kept it in?

Simon Allen: I’ll try to ask Luca the next time I see him!


SG ‏@wedsandsatnight  (via Twitter): Was there anything you wrote which prompted an “I’m not doing that!” from any of the actors?

Simon J. Ashford: No, they were game for anything and everything!


Debz Anstey  ‏@DeborahAnstey  (via Twitter): Which of the characters do you most associate yourselves with?

Simon J. Ashford: I think we both identified with Athos which is why his story is probably as central to Series 3 as Aramis’ was to Series 2.

Simon Allen: Yes. He sees something on the battlefield in episode one that makes him question his mortality. And the whole series is really about whether or not Athos, after the near miss with Milady at the end of Series 2 and four years of seeing his men fight and die, can ever allow himself to live. Whether he will permit himself to be happy. I guess his ‘arc’ this year is as dominant as Aramis’ was last year but all of the characters have a cumulative through-line…


Theladybeatrice ‏@theladybeatric3  (Via Twitter): Which actors are most like their on-screen persona and why?

Simon J. Ashford: There’s a lot of Howard in Porthos!

Simon Allen: That’s true. In the best possible way.


Melissa ‏@melsnider  (Via Twitter): Not really a question but I’d like to hear about which scenes were the most fun or most challenging to shoot.

Simon J. Ashford: the opening battle in Episode One was a huge number – bigger than anything attempted on the show before.

Simon Allen: And for reasons that will become abundantly clear when you watch it, the opening ten minutes of Episode Ten were very challenging and dangerous!



Timeline/time jump


Deborah Anstey (Via Facebook): There seems to be a couple of time jumps in S3. What is the significance of those? 

Simon Allen: There is a four year jump from the end of Series 2. We wanted the boys to have four years of war under their belts. And it allows us to change the dynamic in Paris. It’s no longer as stable as it was in Series Two. People are flocking to the city to take refuge from the war which, of course, puts the city under immense social and economic pressure.

Simon J. Ashford: So the boys are needed…

Simon Allen: And Louis has all but turned his back on the city, leaving Governor Feron (Rupert Everett) and his Red Guard to run it while he focusses on the Dauphin. Of course Feron’s taken full advantage of this opportunity. As has Matthew McNulty’s Lucien Grimaud, a Scarface figure who hauled himself out of the gutter. A living emblem of what you have to become in order to thrive in this unfair world!

Simon J. Ashford:  Our model for the way the show unfolds from Episode Two onwards was very much the Untouchables. The Musketeers are the Untouchables…

Simon Allen: Paris is Chicago!

Simon J. Ashford: Feron is the corrupt city Mayor.

Simon Allen: And Athos is Eliot Ness! Ultimately we really wanted to take the Musketeers/Red Guard antagonism that had been a background feature of previous series and dramatise it. It’s gang warfare on the streets of Paris!



Gabriele Fritz  (Via Twitter): Will Aramis be able to see his son in S3 without having love affairs with the child’s governess – and how will his relationship to the Queen be? Are they “only” friends?

Simon J. Ashford: We start addressing this in Episode Three so you’ll have to watch and find out!


Michelle Cox (via Facebook): Will there be any Aramis & Queen Anne moments in S3 & will Aramis have any contact with his son (The Dauphin)?

Simon Allen: Lots. As Ash said, it starts in episode three with one of my favourite scenes. I loved writing it. Santi and Ali are wonderful in it. The real joy of writing these episodes is the fact that I’ve made myself cry so many times!

SweetPoy ‏@Poy2UK  (Via Twitter): Will we be seeing more of the Annamis lovestory in the next season, given a longer time would you expound more on this

Simon Allen: We do something with it. You’ll have to watch to find out what! Sorry…



AnotherHelenB ‏@AnotherHelenB  (via Twitter): Did you have to plan two storylines: one for if Maimie came back, and one if she didn’t? Or did you know early enough?

Simon J. Ashford: We started storylining Series 3 in November 2014 and didn’t find out that Maimie would be unavailable until, I think, early February 2015.  She was at the heart of the series until then.

Simon Allen: We had to change a lot of plans but everyone, not least Maimie herself, did a huge amount to try and keep Milady in the show. In the end we were so lucky to get a few days’ filming with her in the final block so did our best to create a compelling, truthful storyline. Maimie wouldn’t have done it if she didn’t believe in it and I know she was thrilled with the material.


Ulla Roth ‏@RothUlla  (via Twitter): Is there a happy ending for Athos and Milady ?!

Simon J. Ashford: Was that ever on the cards?

Simon Allen: I’m a romantic. I always wanted them to be happy! And I must say that Paul Englishby’s Milady Theme from the end of Series Two is my favourite piece of music in the entire series. Gets me every time.


Sue Necessary ‏@GracheysMom (Via Twitter): How much of the Athos-Milady arc was pre-determined and how much was influenced by Tom and Maimie’s chemistry?

Simon J. Ashford: You’d be crazy not to build on the incredible chemistry between them so I guess the answer is: a lot!


daphneformosa ‏@formosa_d  (Via Twitter): Speaking of Maimie if she comes back how will the story between Athos pickup after S2?

Simon Allen: It’s as truthful as it can be within the practical limits that we were all facing with the schedule. Milady comes back and, as at the end of Series 2, she’s trying to show Athos and the world that she’s more than just a killer. That she has a heart. Whether or not the world will allow her to do that is another question…




The process/other aspects of the show

Verena Diederichs (Via Facebook): Can you tell us something about the fabulous horses the main characters ride (or have ridden on the previous 2 series)? Like their breeds, names or temperament, or if they do their stunts themselves? (The horses of Athos, d’Artagnan and Treville appear to be Friesians, but Aramis’ horse looks Spanish, perhaps even PRE?)

Simon Allen: Ahhhh! You’ve got us there. We know NOTHING about the horses. I’ll ask the experts and get back to you! I will say this though: look out for a moment in Episode Three where Richard Dormer screams at the Musketeers. The horses’ acting is AMAZING!


Jutta Freudig ‏@JuttaFreudig  (via Twitter): Paul Englishby composed new soundtrack. Will we get in S3 completely new music or have back beloved Musketeers theme?

Simon Allen: the theme is the same. Everything else is new!


JulieT ‏@Fleurdejuliet  (Via Twitter): Is the soundtrack likely to be released at same time as show airs

Simon J. Ashford: That’s the plan.

Simon Allen: Though we’ve been told the main theme might not feature – a rights issue I believe!

Simon J. Ashford: You’re kidding?!

Simon Allen: No!

Simon J. Ashford: F***k’s sake!


Alexia A Wells ‏@Alexia_A_W   (via Twitter): Your strength, mastery w/ swords& shooting muskets is amazing. Do you have to practice a lot?  Were you swordsmen before this?

Simon Allen: We’ll ask the boys and get back to you!


Theladybeatrice ‏@theladybeatric3  (Via Twitter)What are the difficulties of doing so much filming on location? 

Simon Allen: Where to begin? Weather is the obvious one! To be fair that wasn’t a huge issue on Series Three.

Simon J. Ashford: And we spent a lot of time on our main Paris set this year as we really wanted the show to feel more urban, more grounded in the crisis that’s enveloping the city.


Ivana B. ‏@ivanaaa  (via Twitter): How were Prague and surroundings chosen as shooting locations? How does the process work?

Simon Allen: The first two series of the Musketeers filmed here. Prague and the Czech Republic have an incredibly favourable infrastructure for film and television productions. The locations are wide ranging and adaptable.

Simon J. Ashford: And the crews are second to none.


Theladybeatrice ‏@theladybeatric3  (via Twitter): Describe the worldwide fan reaction. Where is the show most popular and why?

Simon Allen: It sells to literally hundreds of countries. I think it’s, initially, just the fact that the Musketeers is such a familiar, iconic proposition. Apply modern resonances and techniques to that and you have something that feels relevant and urgent.


@Xenia_Kilmova (via Twitter): Xenia_Kilmova posted a heartfelt picture message from Russian fans

Simon Allen: That’s lovely, thank you so much and we will!


Theladybeatrice ‏@theladybeatric3  (Via Twitter): How did you have to plan differently to accommodate Tom’s participation in War & Peace?

Simon J. Ashford: We had to adjust his facial hair!

Simon Allen: But Jess Pope is a genius – she made it all work. God knows how but she pulled it off!


Gabriele Fritz (Via Facebook): Have the actors the possibility to develop their roles with own ideas?

Simon J. Ashford: It’s a collaborative process so yes!

Simon Allen: Tom Burke, for example, was very much invested in Athos’ story this year and contributed lots of brilliant ideas to it.


Melissa ‏@melsnider  (via Twitter): How much input do the actors have in developing their characters or is that done primarily in the writers’ room?

Simon J. Ashford: It’s a bit of both.


Jude ‏@LadyOfAManor  (via Twitter): Did any of the main cast have any input into their scripts and also their costumes? And if so, what?

Simon J. Ashford: Too many examples to list here but from memory? They all wanted scars!

Simon Allen: Scars are cool. Didn’t Tom want to smoke a pipe at one point?

Simon J. Ashford: I think you can still see that in Episode Four….


AnotherHelenB ‏@AnotherHelenB  (Via Twitter): Did the investment from America have any bearing on plot / scripting, or did it just provide a bigger overall budget?

Simon Allen: BBC Worldwide financed most of the show and they were wonderfully supportive of what we were trying to do.


Gabriele Fritz ♚ ‏@Gabriele_Dreamy  (Via Twitter): Did you write all eps as team or was every ep written by a single author?

Simon Allen: We had several guest writers but as showrunners it’s normal to polish every episode.

Simon J. Ashford: A couple of scripts needed to be completely rewritten but it’s most just dialogue polishes as we’ve already worked out the story before we give it to the writers.

Simon Allen: There were also key character scenes that we wanted to write so all of Milady’s scenes were written by me.


Gabriele Fritz @Gabriele_Dreamy  (via Twitter): Were scripts changed because of new ideas of the actors while shooting the scenes?

Simon Allen: Sometimes! It’s a collaboration.


Liz Hanbury (via Facebook):Can you explain a little about how the showrunner/writing process has worked in S3?  For example, do you look at each character at the outset and decide their S3 story arc?

Simon Allen: We spent several weeks in a room with our Executive Producer and wonderful boss Jess Pope and our brilliant Script Editors Nawfal Faizullah and Jessica Hill. From that we had arcs for all the characters and outlines for all the episodes. Then we started writing Eps 1 and 2.

Simon J. Ashford: Obviously a lot changed – not least Maimie becoming unavailable.

Simon Allen: By the time we were bringing in other writers, we had a Story Producer Lucy Raffety who was great.

Simon J. Ashford: And once we were in production i.e. shooting the first block we sort of split up – Simon went on to write Episode Three and storyline a lot of the later episodes. I focused on the opening two episodes and the fifth episode.

Simon Allen: And Jess and I worked quite intensively on the very last episode. We even flew out to Prague to rehearse it with the cast. Hopefully all that work’s been worth it!


Liz Hanbury (via Facebook):Are scripts still being edited right up to and even during filming?

Simon Allen: Sure. It’s a complex, challenging process. The key is to keep your cool, think fast and deliver!


Liz Hanbury (via Facebook):What has been the best aspect of being showrunners for The Musketeers?  And the worst?!

Simon J. Ashford: The worst is when a script falls apart. It’s never easy starting from scratch – especially when time is short or non existent!

Simon Allen: the best is getting to see your ideas come to life! Or seeing a writer go off with an idea of yours and come back with a version of it that’s better! In particular I must credit Kelly Jones (Episode 7) for that. She really took a bare bones idea and made it her own. She’s brilliant.


Liz Hanbury (via Facebook):Describe S3 in three words.

Simon J. Ashford: Thrilling. Surprising. Emotional.


Jacqueline Smith (Via Facebook): When looking back at your time working on this brilliant show, what is the one thing that stands out, that one perfect moment, anything at all?

Simon J. Ashford: For me it has to be seeing the war come to life in the first block. Then seeing the finished episode at our cast and crew screening. Everyone laughed and cried in the right places! It was wonderful.

Simon Allen: Two things. First, sitting in Jess Pope’s garden rewriting Episode Three. It was just a pure, creative moment where she and I kept pushing to make the script better. Second, a month or so later, standing in a sweltering tech truck on the set watching a rough cut of the episode with Jess, Simon, Nawfal, my wife and my little girl. It played so well and we were so happy! Jess gave me a huge hug and I nearly cried. Then we came out of the truck and bumped into Luca. I told him we’d just watched Episode Three and that it was brilliant. He crouched down before my little girl and said ‘Did you like it?’ and she shrugged her shoulders and said ‘It was alright I suppose.’ A leveller!

Simon J. Ashford: Kids eh?

Liz Hanbury (via Facebook):If you had an unlimited budget for series 3 of The Musketeers, name three things that you’d do?

Simon J. Ashford: Dragons. Spaceships. More dragons.


Kate Parrish (Via Facebook): Ok. So when does the new season START????????? Been waiting and waiting.

Simon J. Ashford: End of May in the UK.


Thanks once again Simon and Simon – Series 3 sounds AWESOME!

To get you even more n the mood for the return of the show check out my 10 ten reasons for watching the Musketeers!

All For One!


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    Thank you Mr Allen and Mr Ashford for your great passion to answer all the questions of the Musketeers fans. It’s very kind of showrunners of best BBC series ever to take the time to interact with us fans in this way. Sure we all will love season 3 The Musketeers even if we are very very sad to get no season 4… Thanks to Liz and Jacqueline, I know you both did a hard but very good job

  4. sandiwich /

    Thanks for organising this Liz, and to the Simon’s for answering all these questions too, they were brilliant to cover so many here! I really enjoyed their work on S2 so am eager to see what the final season will bring 🙂

    I’m really looking forward to seeing the villains this year, as a huge Misfits fan the two Matt’s are obviously a big draw for me and I’m excited to see what they bring to the table. It’s very interesting to read how much input the boys have had in their roles, that must be a dream job from their prospective, and because they are the people that know these character’s inside out this gives me hope that we should be back on track again after last year’s rocky start when we had a lot of OOC & lack of brotherhood storylines.

    A Twenty Years Later film five years down the line would be awesome, wouldn’t it!!

  5. Gabriele Fritz /

    Thank you so much for organising Liz and Jaqueline. It’s a very interesting collection. And also great thank you to Mr. Allen and Mr. Rushford to answer our questions, so we can get a little inside in the lots of work to realize Season 3 of this brilliant show. We are so curious about the Musketeers’ way and how they interact in Paris with the new situation.

    It’s so sad, that it ends after this season, the characters and their actors got so familiar to us.

    Would be nice to get the epilogue, Mr. Allen told about, that was cancelled in the last minute as online version for download or so.

    And as Sandiwich says, A “Twenty years later” film…perhaps already after a few years, would be fine.
    Thanks also too Geek Syndicate to publish this Q&A.

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