The Myebook Partnership is coming people!

We will be talking about myebook more during our coverage of the Birmingham International Comics Show in the meantime here’s some news from the guys about their ‘myebook Partnership’

Within the next 2 weeks we will be launching ‘myebook partnership’.

myebook partnership scheme which will give it’s partners privileges not available to the general public. These are as follows:

1. The ability to upload completed PDF’s into the ebook builder system. Simply upload your PDF and our system strips the assets and rebuilds them for you as an ebook. You can then create your truly interactive multi-media ebook by incorporating video, animation and whatever else you like to make it as unique as you like.

2. At present, when you select an ebook to view, you are taken to the book detail page. You then launch the ebook in the viewer. When you become a partner you will bi-pass the book detail page and take your readers straight into the viewer, where you now have the ability to dress the viewer with your own corporate ID and logo. When you are taking readers from your site via an embedded ebook it appears they are reading an ebook in your site.

3. On the 15th of November we are introducing a revenue stream through placing adverts inside ebooks. If you wish to have adverts placed inside your ebooks we will share the revenue stream with you 50:50. As myebooks readership and content grows, we will be able to command higher rater per 1000 impressions of adverts. You will always receive 50:50 of the revenue stream.

I think if myebook used to it’s fullest potential by comic creators and comic companies it has the potential to revolutionize digital comics. I also think that indie creators could really make something of this technology. I think the problem the indie guys may face is making money from a free service which they can put back into their comics. There is of course the option for an indie creator to put a few issues up free (especially if they’re not getting much sales in) on myebook as a way of enticing a reader to pick up more issues.

If I read a six issue story free on ebook and then at the end could pay a reasonable price to have the six issues collected as a trade I would definitely be up for that.

Hopefully if the ‘myebook Partnership’ takes off in a big way then that could  address any financial concerns. 

Source: Myebook

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