The Raid 2 UK Teaser Trailer Hits

If you mention The Raid to anyone who’s seen it and if the first thing they say isn’t ‘hallway fight‘ you can expect it to come up sooner or later in the conversation. Of course there are many more scenes of ass whupping I could also mention, like the two brothers vs mad dog fight that was both brutal and epic.

I still remember watching the Raid and loving every moment of it even though I watched most of the film through the gap between my hands. This was done while delivering a lengthy collection of shocked gasps at some of the damage Rama, the rookie hero cop,  was inflicting on those unlucky bad guys who fought 4 vs 1 was good odds.

When they announced they were doing the Raid 2 my heart sank a little because I kinda wanted this all action jewel unsullied with a sequel. On seeing the this teaser trailer something tells me the action isn’t going to disappoint.

Check out the teaser trailer and let us know what you think.

Reporter: Nuge

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