The Springheel Saga Audio Drama Takes the Gold

A big congrats to the cast and crew of the audio drama  The Springheel Saga: The Legend of Springheel’d Jack which has picked up a Gold Ogle Award from The American Society For Science Fiction Audio (ASFSFA).

Co-Creators Robert Valentine and Jack Bowman had this to say about winning the award: “Our thanks to ASFSFA for this award. We’re delighted that they have chosen to acknowledge the word and efforts of all of those involved in the second series of The Springheel Saga, both in front and behind the microphone. This is a tremendous gift for everyone who worked on the project, and our fans, as we continue work on the third – and final – series. Thank you all.

Rather than just pour himself a pint and celebrate The Springheel Saga’s Art DesignerJamie Egerton decided to sit  down and create three, gold versions of the series two logo.


I have yet to check out series two (been sitting on a review copy for a while now to my shame) but if it is half as good as series one was then this is  a well deserved award. If you’re a fan of audio dramas then I would urge you to hunt down series one and jump onboard as it is a heady cocktail of pulp adventure, mystery and murder with some great voice acting and sound effects.

The team is currently working on the third and final part of the saga which they have promised will feature a guest appearance from a legendary Doctor Who actor.

You can get hold of the first  two parts of the Springheel  Saga over at the wireless theatre website.

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Source: wireless theatre


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