Thought Bubble 2008 Preview!

With Bristol and the BICS 2008 Con’s now sadly behind us year we can still be happy in the knowledge that just around the corner is the Thought Bubble 2008.

This one day center-piece of the festival is a comic convention held on Saturday 15th November although the Thought Bubble festival runs from 13th -16th November

If I’ve got this right (which I have as I’ve nicked this from their website)

Thought Bubble is a four day annual event which celebrates sequential art in all its forms, including everything from superheroes to independent small press. We are a non profit making organisation dedicated to promoting comics and graphic novels as an important cultural art form. Taking place at a variety of venues across the city, our aim is to cater to both long-time comic book fans and those who have never picked up a graphic novel before!

They’ve got a great line up of artists and writers attending (Mark Millar, Adi Granov , Alex Maleev, Staz Johnson, Doug Braithwaite, Mike Carey, Sean Phillips, Jock, Andy Diggle, Cy Dethan, Tony ’The Waistcoat’ Lee and more), as well as over 100 tables selling comics and other cool stuff.

Look at the line up of stuff going on which you can see by heading over here. One of things that caught my eye was this.

To celebrate the beginning of our comics festival we will attempt to turn Leeds into one huge comic shop in our goal to promote literacy and sequential art. We will be leaving some incredible graphic novels scattered around Leeds in various coffee bars and hangouts.
See if you can find one. If so it’s yours………or you could read it and pass it on! Sponsored by Jonathan Cape, Blank Slate, Diamond Comics and Travelling Man.

I think that idea of sticking some great comics in coffee bars etc is a stroke of genius and perhaps something other cons and even comic shops should think about doing.

The organisers also hosting a fancy after show party at the Alen Casino as part of the convention which sounds pretty swish. If you are one of the first 500 people to buy your ticket in advance, you will receive an invite to the Alea. I don’t know how many pre-order tickets are left but I think it’s worth checking out as I know from both the Bristol and BICS cons that being able to get together with all the comic fans and creators in one place makes for a great evening.

It’s a shame someone can’t organise a huge fancy annual event/party somewhere in the uk where comic creators and fans can come together in one fancy evening of booze and chat. If someone does it now remember it was my idea first.

Anyway as the after party is being held in a casino I’m hoping I can rent a Tux, one that come with exploding cufflinks.

It’s a shame The Thought Bubble is so soon after the BICS con as some people who might have gone may be a little bit light on finances to make a second trip out to a con. On the positive side though I think given the amount of fun people had at BICS another con this close behind it might be just what the doctor ordered (God I’m Mr cliché today) but I hope people can make the effort as it certainly looks like the organisers are pulling out the stops to but on a great Con and lets face it the UK comic scene isn’t exactly is overrun with conventions is it?

Hopefully we should have an interview coming up with one of the organisers so watch this space!

GS Reporter: The Nuge
Source: The Thought Bubble

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